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Swadesh Skill Card 2022 has been issued by the government. Under this scheme, all the citizens of the country who had gone in search of employment abroad and returned to their country after becoming unemployed due to the corona epidemic will be benefited. Overseas Indian citizens will be provided employment assistance by the Central Government through Swadesh Skill Card.

Swadesh Skill Card

To get the benefits of the scheme, citizens have to register online for Swadesh Skill Card, for this portal was launched by the central government. With the help of the portal, citizens can easily get employment opportunities by registering themselves. Today we will share with you all the information related to Swadesh Skill Card Online Registration through this article. To get all the important information related to registration, you read this article completely.

Swadesh Skill Card 2022 Application Form

Under Swadesh Skill Card 2022 – All Indian Overseas Citizens will get employment opportunities based on their experience through registration. A special scheme has been started by the Central Government for the benefit of citizens returning to their home countries from abroad, in which they can register themselves and get employment. Various companies have been added by the central government to the portal to provide employment opportunities to overseas Indian citizens.

Through this, the beneficiary citizens will get help in getting employment easily. All Indian citizens who have become unemployed during the time of Kovid-19 will be provided employment under the scheme.

Swadesh Skill Card Online Registration

Swadesh Skill Card Online Registration

To get the benefits under this scheme of the central government, you will have to register yourself under the Swadesh portal through the medium. After registering, citizens will get the benefit of all employment-related facilities. This special initiative for employment has been started by the Government of India for the citizens who have lost their employment to Covid-19.

Vande Bharat Mission has been started by the Government of India to bring back Indian citizens stranded abroad, under which overseas Indian citizens are helping to return to their country. To further ease the way forward, Indian citizens’ registration information will be shared with foreign companies in which they will get employment easily.

Swadesh Skill Card 2022

Scheme nameSwadesh Skill Card
Start of planCentral Government
MissionVande Bharat Mission
BeneficiaryUnemployed Indian citizens who returned from abroad
ObjectiveReturned to their homeland after the corona epidemic
Providing employment opportunities to Indian Overseas Citizens
Official websitewww.nsdcindia.org
Helpline number1800 123 9626

Swadesh Skill Card update

Thousands of people who have returned from abroad during the Corona epidemic have applied for Swadesh Skill Card. All these people have returned to their country after being unemployed during the pandemic. To provide employment opportunities to all such people, the government has started Swadesh Portal. According to the data till June 2021 last year, around 31000 people have registered for Swadesh Skill Card. About 6704 people have been approached by employers registered on ASEM for employment.

Objectives of Swadesh Skill Card 2022

The main objective of the Swadesh Skill Scheme is to provide employment to unemployed citizens during the Corona transition. There are many citizens in India who were working abroad in search of their employment but due to Covid, they have become unemployed. The Swadesh Portal has been launched by the Central Government to provide the means of employment to all such citizens. In which citizens can register for employment in the portal after returning to their country.

To provide facilities to the citizens under Swadesh Skill Card, jobs will be provided to them on the basis of their work experience. This portal is a platform for gathering information of all citizens in which citizens’ information will be shared with Indian and foreign companies to facilitate their future path.

Features of Swadesh Skill Card

  • The citizens registered on the portal will be given employment on the basis of their skills.
  • To make the facilities of the citizens easier, a toll-free number has been issued by the Government of India, with the help of which the citizens will be able to get all kinds of information related to the scheme.
  • Citizens will have to register online in the Swadesh Portal.
  • It is mandatory for citizens to enter their skills and personal information in the portal while registering.
  • The information will be shared with the companies to provide employment by collecting the data of all the citizens registered in the portal.

Benefits of Swadesh Skill Card

  • In order to provide facilities to the citizens, the registration process was started by the Government of India in the month of May 2020 in the Swadesh portal.
  • For the convenience of citizens, the facility of online registration in the portal has been made available by the Central Government for employment.
  • Citizens will be able to get job opportunities through their skills and experience.
  • Under this scheme, Vande Bharat Mission has been started by the Government of India to bring back citizens stranded abroad, under which citizens can return to their country.
  • The citizens registered in the portal will be contacted by the company through the mobile number.
    Citizens will get proper employment under this scheme.

Swadesh skill card 2022 online registration

  • To register Swadesh Skill Card online, a citizen has to log in to the official website of the Swadesh Portal.
  • After entering the website, you will get the skill card – form on the home page.
  • Fill in all the information given in this form.
  • Such as name, contact details, passport number, state, district, country of employment, email id, work area, educational qualification, job post, work experience, etc.
Swadesh Skill Card 2022 Online Registration
  • After filling in all the important information tick the applicant citizen and click on submit button.
  • After this, the registration number will be received in the mobile number of the applicant.
  • In this way, the process of registering for Swadesh Skill Card 2022 online will be completed by the applicant citizen.


What are the benefits to the citizens under Vande Bharat Mission?

Under the Vande Bharat Mission of the Government of India, citizens have got the opportunity to return to their home country.

In which portal citizens can register for employment through the online medium?

The http://www.nsdcindia.org portal has been launched by the Government of India for the registration of Indian expatriate citizens who have returned from abroad, with the help of this portal, citizens can get employment by completing the process of registration.

Will the data of registered citizens be kept safe in the portal?

Yes, an initiative has been started by the Government of India to provide the means of employment to the citizens, in which the information given by the citizens will be kept absolutely safe.

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