Suddenly Seriously Sick Putin In The Middle Of The War! A Doctor At The President’s Residence

Suddenly Seriously Sick Putin: Last February, Russia went to war with Ukraine. In fact, it has an impact on the entire world. And even after a few months, the fire of war is still burning fiercely.

Suddenly Seriously Sick Putin

Meanwhile, the news of the illness of Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin) is floating! Speculation says that Putin is in the last stage of cancer! It is heard again, not cancer, but the Russian President suffering from Parkinson’s disease (Russia President)! In fact, in the meetings and some public meetings a few months ago, it has been seen that the feet of this head of state are shaking. Even he can not stand properly!

Suddenly Seriously Sick Putin

But a recent incident has strengthened this theory. According to media reports, Putin fell seriously ill last Saturday. A severe nausea problem developed. Two teams of doctors immediately reached the president’s residence for that. Russian Telegram channel General SVR was quoted by the media as saying that “Putin required emergency treatment around midnight on July 22. The medical team was called at around 1 pm on July 23. The situation was so serious that his paramedic team had to call in more doctors. But this situation lasted for 2-3 hours. The team of doctors left the presidential residence only after Putin recovered.”

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The channel claims that suddenly in the middle of the night on that day, Putin’s severe vomiting problem is seen. Twenty minutes later, his doctors were called. The treatment lasts for about 3 hours. The medical team returned only after Putin’s condition improved.

The New Zealand Herald reported that the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) or SVR (SVR) ran the Telegram channel under the pseudonym Viktor Mikhailovich. The channel had earlier claimed that Putin’s ‘double’ would be seen in place him in the next few weeks. Even this ‘deep-fake technology’ will be used in upcoming events.

Although all these speculations have been poured into the water by the Kremlin (Kremlin). Rejecting the claims of various media, they said that the Russian leader is completely healthy. Nothing happened to him. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that “In recent times, information experts from Ukraine, America, and Britain have been leaking some information about the health of the Russian president. Which are completely wrong.” Incidentally, Putin has been at the top of Russia’s power for almost two decades.

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