Successful launch of ISRO’s smallest rocket, space startup’s Azadi SAT-2 among 3 satellites. sslv d2 smallest isro rocket successful launch placed 3 satellites in space

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) LVD2 lifted off from here on Friday and placed the EOS-07 satellite and two other satellites into their orbits. On its second flight, LV D2 flew with the Earth observation satellite EOS-07 and two other satellites, Janus-1 by Antares of the US and Azadisat-2 by ‘Space Kids India’ in Chennai.

The first mission of the year was successful

ISRO said in its official statement that LV D2 placed three satellites into their orbits. This is ISRO’s first mission this year. The 34 and a half meter long rocket was launched. ISRO has high hopes from this launch to make a breakthrough in the small satellite launch vehicle market.

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The untold story of success

This was the second attempt to launch the SSLV. Earlier, the first attempt on 7 August 2022 failed. SSLV-D2 flew in low Earth orbit for 15 minutes, after which the satellites were released into orbit at a distance of 450 km. After the launch of SSLV-D2, ISRO chief Somnath said, ‘Now we have a new launch vehicle. In the second attempt SSLV-D2 released the satellites fully into orbit. Congratulations to the three satellite teams’.

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The payload of Azadi SAT-2 satellite was developed by female students of government schools. Students of Tirumangalam Government Girls High School in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu launched Azadi SAT using an SSLV-rocket in August last year in collaboration with Chennai Space Kids India. Trajectory change, the rocket failed to launch successfully. But this time the space agency got this success in the first attempt of the new year.

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