Stuck in suffocating darkness after the earthquake, WhatsApp brought life back

Turkey: Last Monday, a terrible earthquake shook the border region of Turkey and Syria. More than 17 thousand people have already died in this terrible natural disaster. But there is good news even in this death march. Many lives were saved in Turkey only with the help of social media. The buzz is everywhere with this novel news.

The wisdom of words is his! Boran Kobat, a young man in his twenties, proved the old saying again. The young man came to Turkey from Istanbul with his mother to meet relatives. Meanwhile, Monday’s earthquake.

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Their house also collapsed after Monday’s strong earthquake. Kobat and his mother were trapped under the pile of concrete. But even in that moment of danger, Kobat kept a cool head. He went along with his mother’s response. After that, the young man shared his location on WhatsApp status while stuck under the rubble. He also shared a video message on social media.

Kobat said in the video message, “Whoever is watching this video of mine, please note my location. Help us. Please save our lives.”

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And this video message works. By looking at Kobat’s status, his family can know exactly where Kobat is trapped under the rubble. The rescue team was also informed about the matter. After a long effort, Kobat and his mother were rescued almost unharmed.

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