Stronger earthquake forecast, Turkey will be completely destroyed this time?

Just five days ago, a terrible earthquake hit Turkey and Syria. Vast areas were turned into ruins in the blink of an eye. The two countries have not yet recovered from the impact of the natural disaster. In the meantime, experts have heard new fears. They claim that in a few days, Turkey will be shaken by a strong earthquake again. A tremor will have a magnitude of seven or higher on the Richter scale. Geoscientist Dogan Perincek has voiced this fear. He recently gave an interview to the Russian news agency RIA News. There, Perinsek claimed, within a few days, there will be a strong earthquake in Canakkale, western Turkey. He made this prediction based on observations in Marmara Sea. Perincek also claims that earthquakes occur at Canakkale every 250 years. The last earthquake in this area was 287 years ago. As a result, he said in an interview that the ‘time has come’ for an earthquake here.

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Earthquake forecast in Turkey again?
Earthquake predictions made by geologist Perincek have caused renewed panic in Turkey and Syria. This geologist has given several arguments in support of his claim. In his words, “For the past 10 days I have been recording earthquake activity in Canakkale from the Marmara Sea side. I have predicted the earthquake that will happen in this area three years in advance. Over the past few years we have used special maps to identify earthquake prone areas. Working as an earthquake characterization analyst in Turkey and Syria. Based on the data from this study, I am convinced that earthquakes will occur in western Turkey.” He claimed that it will be difficult to prevent loss of life in that area if measures are not taken from now.

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