SSC Scam: Flat Rent Was Given In The Name Of A Private Company, Huge Income

SSC Scam: As the investigation progresses after the arrest of former state education minister Partha Chatterjee, new mysteries are being uncovered. Partha has hadiths of multiple properties found. This time, ED has come to know that Partha Chatterjee used to rent flats by showing the name of the private company.

SSC Scam

One of the 12 documents recovered from Partha Chattopadhyay’s Naktala house is in the name of Sentry Engineering Pvt. Arpita Mukherjee is the owner of this company. A three-story house number 683 of ward number 108 of Kolkata Municipality is owned by this company. It is known that doctors used to earn a lot of money by renting the flat of that house.

SSC scam: flat rent was given in the name of private company, huge income

EM Bypass Lagoa RN Tagore hospital authorities rented this flat to accommodate their doctors. According to the hospital, there are about 3000 doctors, nurses, and health workers in this hospital. Many of them live far away. So several flats nearby were rented to accommodate them. In 2013, the hospital authorities had taken rent from the company called Sentry Engineering Private Limited to accommodate the doctors in that house in Maduradah. The money is remitted to the organization’s bank account every month by the hospital.

Now the question is how the residential house is shown as commercial. Why has the matter not been investigated by the municipality? However, there is no record of this in the municipal records. However, according to the records of the entire license department, a company named Sagar Gandhi Exports Private Limited obtained a trade license from the municipality on 10 December 2011, in that house. However, their term expired in March 2013. Since then the land has been shown as a vacant lot.

Meanwhile, the company that the house is named after is listed on their website as selling iron parts and has their main address at Diamond City Flats. In this regard, former IPS Nazrul Islam said, ‘I heard that house number 683 Madurdah was sold to Arpita Mukhopadhyay of Partha Chattopadhyay through the contractor who built my house. So why is it still shown as vacant land in the municipal records? Questions have been raised about it.

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