Spain Heat Wave: More Than 500 Deaths In Just 10 Days In A Severe Heat Waves…

Spain Heat Wave: More than 500 people have died in Spain in a 10-day heat wave, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday. These statistics are very frightening.

Spain Heat Wave: 500 people have died in Spain

These heatwave-related deaths are far higher than last year. Although this information is not considered official right now. This is a rough estimate.

Europe’s climate is slowly deteriorating. The heat wave across Europe is getting out of hand. Light of fire in Spain, Germany, England, and Portugal. This is the first weather red alert in the UK. Land property and animal property is being destroyed due to heat. Which has put the economy in doubt.

Many houses and roads in Europe are built with old technology. They are unable to cope with this terrible heat. Roads are melting, railway lines are bending, and houses are bursting.

After the extreme heat and fires in the countries of Southern Europe for the past few days, the outbreak of fires has also spread in the countries of Central and Northern Europe. Hundreds of people have died in extreme weather.

A German newspaper published a report entitled ‘Fire in Europe this summer. Said, in southern Europe, fires are going on in the forests of France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, and Greece. It will take years to recover the amount of damage it causes. The agriculture of these countries is being damaged due to the fires. Many people have to leave their homes due to forest fires

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