Snow all around! The doctor delivered a baby girl through WhatsApp… With snowfall ruling out the possibility of airlift a pregnant woman who had a history of labor complications in the remote Keran in Jammu and Kashmir was assisted by doctors in delivering a healthy baby over a WhatsApp call

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Truth is stranger than fiction. The film ‘Three Idiots’ featured childbirth via video call. As many praised that impossible scene, many said it was cheesy, too cinematic. But what will they say now? Almost the same thing happened this time. A doctor in Jammu and Kashmir gave birth through a WhatsApp call.

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Why do this?

Block Medical Officer Dr. Mir Mohammad Shafi said that a pregnant woman was admitted to Keran PHC (or Keran Primary Health Center) on Friday night with complications. But due to winter this health center is almost isolated. As a result, it was necessary to move the maternity to another place. But due to continuous snowfall, it was not possible to organize air evacuation. Meanwhile, the situation was getting so complicated that it was necessary to give birth immediately.

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Then this alternative arrangement is thought of. Kralpora sub-district hospital Gynecologist Dr. Dr. Parvaiz then. Arshad gave the necessary instructions to Sofi and his paramedical staff to carry out the delivery through a WhatsApp call.

A long hard fight of about six hours. But in the end, the impossible stubbornness of the doctors won the fight. A baby girl is born. However, both the mother and the child have been kept under observation. But they are not in any danger at the moment. They are healthy.

In ‘Three Idiots’ he was a miserable rainy day. The whole city is under water. Car mismatch. Walking, breaking water and carrying patients is a nightmare. Disasters all around. Various crises. In that still city, the delivery of the expectant young woman was done through video call. Except for the story of rain and snow, the rest is almost the same.

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