Snoring while sleeping? Isn’t it adenoiditis? Know why this disease can happen

We have a fleshy area behind our nose and at the top of our throat. It is called an adenoid. Adenoiditis is a problem that causes inflammation in the area. Usually this problem is more common in children. But adults can also have such problems sometimes. This can lead to problems like snoring, mouth breathing, recurrent ear infections, hearing loss, cleft lip. Adenitis can lead to infections, allergies and irritation in the adenoids.

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What are the symptoms of this disease? What do the experts say? Niti Mathew, an ENT specialist at Aster CMI Hospital, told Hindustan Times, ‘Adenoiditis is usually due to adenoid infection. It begins to appear in children from the age of two. This organ continues to grow for about eight years. If it is swollen for a long time, it can cause serious problems.

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What causes adenoiditis in children?

There are certain habits that almost everyone has when it comes to raising children. As a result, the problem of adenoiditis appears. Let’s take a look at what causes this problem.

  • Bottle feeding: It is very common to bottle feed babies. Almost everyone does it. Any problem with the bottle can lead to adenoiditis.
  • Breastfeeding while lying down: The baby should not be completely lying down while breastfeeding. It is important to keep the head slightly up. Breastfeeding while lying down increases the risk of adenoiditis.
  • Having an infection near the nose or ears: Got an infection near the nose or ears? The risk of adenoiditis in the child is higher than this.

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