Six Tribals Die Of Diarrhea In Odisha, When The Monsoons Arrived!

Six Tribals Die Of Diarrhea In Odisha: The news of the illness and death of 6 people after drinking dirty water has spread in Kashipur block of Raigarh, Odisha. 12 people were immediately admitted to the hospital. 6 people died before him. It is known that they got diarrhea after drinking dirty water from Dharna. Then the disease spread.

Six Tribals Die Of Diarrhea In Odisha

Raigarh district collector Swadha Dev Singh said at least six people died in Jhariyasahi village of Kashipur block and 12 others succumbed to diarrhea in the last two to three days. They have been admitted to the hospital. He says, ‘The villagers probably used to drink water from dirty streams near their houses. But we have not yet found the exact cause of their death.

We are sending a medical team there.’ The disease is reported to have spread in Tikiri, Gobrighati, Jalakura, Dudukabahal, Badamrivata, Kakudipadar and Rautghati villages in Kashipur block of the district.

It should be noted that this is not the first case of death due to diarrhea in Kashipur. Earlier in 2007, at least 70 people died of diarrhea in Kashpur and in 2010 at least 30 died after drinking contaminated water. According to administration officials, diarrhea outbreaks occur in Kashipur during July and August as people usually go to their paddy fields for cultivation and drink water from field rivers, drains, streams, etc., which are infected with cholera bacteria.

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