Sir Jack Hobbs: The First Full-Fledged Batsman In The History Of Cricket

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Sir Jack Hobbs Biography

1844 is the year when the first recognized match of the game of cricket was played. On the way from there to cricket, cricket has got innumerable heroes, innumerable memories which can be kept in the jewel of memory. That is how cricket has immortalized in its memory a great hero whose name is Sir John Berry Jack Hobbs; He is said to be the first full-fledged batsman in the history of cricket to be remembered intact as ‘The Master’.

Sir Jack Hobbs

History Of Sir Jack Hobbs

The names of Steven Smith-Virat Kohli-Joe Root will come to the fore when it comes to the names of one or two ideal batsmen of this era. After a while, Sachin-Lara-Sangakkara will come. Among them, Sachin has scored hundreds again. But even before that, Jack Hobbs, a batsman who stopped at 199 to take the number of centuries to the house of Double Hundred. The number of his centuries in first-class cricket is 197, the highest of which is 199K. Sir John Berry Jack Hobbs, the owner of 199 Test centuries, is a former English cricketer. England played for the national team from 1908 to 1930, sometimes during World War I.

In his second year of international debut, he was named Wisden Cricketer of the Year, again in 1926. Jack Hobbs was named one of the top five cricketers of the twentieth century. Hobbs, who has 199 centuries in first-class cricket, has 61,760 first-class runs. Hob says also became the first cricketer to get a knighthood. Let us know the story behind so many successes, let us know from the very beginning.

Sir Jack Hobbs Cricketer

Saturday, December 16, 1882. The arrival of a new member in the family of a poor couple in Cambridge. Parents spend their time-fighting poverty. The financial situation of the world is not very good. On top of this, he has 5 more brothers and 6 sisters in his family. Hobbes knew cricket through his father Hobbes in this world of scarcity. Hobbes began to recognize cricket by working as his father’s fielder and occasionally umpiring. The beginning of love is also from there.

He used to go with his father, watch the game, see the different styles of cricketers practicing there and try to do the same himself. Hobbs practiced alone; He didn’t have a coach at an early age, his family probably didn’t have the ability to send him to a coach. Hobbs practiced alone, but Hobbes did not have a cricket bat. Instead of a bat, he used a stamp, along with an old tennis ball. It did help, of course. Hitting the ball with a thin stamp makes it easier for him to deal with a round ball with a wide bat.

At the age of 12, Hobbs made his first appearance in an official cricket team. St. Matthews played for the Church XI, and also for the York Street Boys. Then came a new tragedy in Tanatani’s family, the death of his father from pneumonia. Hobbes, the eldest son of a brother-sister family; In the absence of his father, he has to take care of the family. That’s why he had to leave school at that age. He joined the service in 1985 at the age of 13 in search of a livelihood.

Sir Jack Hobbs First Class Records

Found the job of choice; Hobbs joined Casas College as a fielder, and also played the role of groundsman and net bowler with great joy. Another legend Ranjit Singhji used to practice here. Hobbes watched his extraordinary wrist movement, trying to control it. County team Surrey also practiced here. In 1901, Hobbes had the opportunity to play for a team between an amateur and a professional. He performed there and grabbed the attention of the local teams.

Sir Jack Hobbs First Class Records

After his father’s death, a friend of the family appealed to Tom Hayward to help them with something about Hobbs. Note that Tom Hayward was Hobbes’ childhood hero. Hayward agrees and watches Hobbes bat for 20 minutes, and that’s what happens. He confirmed Hobbs’ participation in the next trial for the Oval County team. Hobbes also tried the Essex trial but was unable to do so until the end. In April 1903, Hobbes went to Surrey to take part in the trial.

It was there that Bajimat came to an agreement with Sar. Hobbes Fertilizer contracted in 1903, officially took the field in 1905. In his debut match, he played an innings of 16 and 6 runs. 155 against Essex in the next match. Soon after, he got a chance to prove himself in a big way with the bat against the Australians who came to play in the Ashes, he played an innings of 94 runs. He averaged 25.82, 40.70, and 37.45 in first-class cricket in the first 3 years of his career. In 1906 he was called up to the English national team.

Jack Hobbs was inaugurated in early 1908. He scored 83 in the first innings against Australia. In the next 2 innings, he got out at the house of 20 and remained unbeaten in the house of that 20 in the 4th innings. Hobbs scored 2nd half-century in the next innings, 0 and 72 in the next 2 innings.

He scored his first century for the national team in the twelfth match of his career, in the 23rd innings. He played 187 runs in the first innings of the match against South Africa which started in Cape Town on 11 March 1910. International average 43.14 in debut year and 37.33 in first class. He scored 3 centuries in a series against Australia in the 1911-12 season. He has made predictions about himself by his own performance. The rest of the years are record-breaking, century-record.

“Life Begins After Forty” – This proverb seems to be true of Jack Hobbs. Most of what he did was done after the age of 40. 6 of the 15 centuries made by the national team were of that time. Too much in first class. From the age of 43 to 46, he collected about 11,000 runs. He still holds the record for the oldest international Test century (48 years and 82 days). He set the record by scoring a century on March 7, 1929.

The latter scored a century in 45 years and 151 days. He was twice named Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1909 and 1926, as I said at the beginning. He also made the England Test all-time XI in 2009. He is still in the top ten of the list of batsmen who have scored at least 3,000 runs in international Tests. Jack Hobbs’ highest average in international cricket in 1926 was 81.00. In 1924, the average was the second-highest at 75.28. The lowest average was 26.40 at the beginning of his career, in 1909.

Although Hobbs is an opener, he has occasionally played in positions other than the opening. He averaged 123 runs in 3 matches at the No. 5 position. He has the highest century in first-class cricket and the second-highest half-century. He is the owner of 295 half-centuries with 273 after Uli. Hobbs has a total of 3,339 runs with another English batsman, Herbert Sutcliffe, and 2,294 runs with Rhodes.

Sir John Berry Jack Hobbs has played 1,325 innings in 834 first-class matches. Highest unbeaten 316, average 50.70, 199 centuries, 273 half-centuries. His performance in the prestigious era of first-class cricket is enough to make him remember. There he amassed 5,410 runs at an average of 56.94 in 61 matches on the international stage. Jack Hobbs is the first batsman to score 10 Test centuries for his country. Total 15 centuries, 28 half-centuries.

Besides batting, Tuktak could also bowl. He has 108 wickets in first-class cricket; There is also a record of taking 7 wickets for 56 runs. 1 wicket in 2.63 economies in international matches.

Sir Jack Hobbs Death

Anyone who looks at his statistics at a glance is bound to be surprised. And sometimes he could have done a lot more if he hadn’t lost 5 years due to the world war. Hobbes, who survived World War II, continued to play better, new rhythms. He completed a colorful career of 30 years in a black and white era in 1934. He last played international cricket in 1930. The first cricketer to receive the Knighthood Award in 1953, Jack Hobbs became ‘Sir Jack Hobbs‘. He passed away 10 years later on 21 December 1963 at the age of 81.

He left the mortal world in 1963, but he is still with us. He is at number 4 on the ICC’s list of the best Test batsmen of all time. Yet every year on December 16 the Oval celebrates his birthday with his favorite tomato soup, lamb roast, and apples. Maybe white-clad cricket has lagged behind because of four-six cricket in the twenty-first century; However, if you look for the perfect batsman in the world, Sachin-Sangakkara-Brian Lara will go back to that ‘The Master’.

Sir Jack Hobbs Biography


Q. Sir Jack Hobbs’s birthdate?

A. 16 December 1882 Cambridge, England

Q. Sir Jack Hobbs’s Death date?

A. He passed away 10 years later on 21 December 1963 at the age of 81.

Q. Sir Jack Hobbs’s Nick Name?

A. The Master

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