Sim Card Swaps Scams Across The Country, Claims Tamil Nadu Police

Sim Card Swaps Scams: Using this state, the SIM scam is spreading cybercrime across the country. Their target is various organizations or large industrial organizations. At the same time, they are attacking the bank accounts of the people. This shocking information has come to the notice of the Tamil Nadu police after the arrest of some members of that SIM sapping ring from Bengal. The way these cybercriminals are conducting operations in different states has raised concerns among the police officials there. They have sent a warning message to the state police. The message also called for special measures to be taken against such cybercriminals.

Sim Card Swaps Scams

Sim Card Swaps Scams

A few days ago, Rs 24 lakh was withdrawn from the bank account of an eye hospital in Tamil Nadu. While conducting the investigation, the police saw that the money had been taken away by SIM. This operation was carried out in West Bengal Decades ago, Tamil Nadu police detectives arrived in the state and nabbed four cybercriminals.

It has been learned from their interrogation that innumerable such gangs are spread in Bengal. They are mainly based in the border areas of Bengal and Jharkhand. Six illegal offices have been set up in every house. That network is spread in different parts of the country. Each team has 20-30 people. They are operating in different states of North and South India in the guise of the Jamtara gang. They are clearing the account by removing the duplicate SIM in the name of any organization or person. Every state has members of this gang. They are arranging duplicate SIMs. They are opening bank accounts with fake documents. Fraud money is being deposited there.

How is this SIM sapping cycle working? According to the officer-in-charge of the state police’s cybercrime Macabella, the perpetrators first collect the e-mail IDs of an organization or company or an influential person. Then they send various e-mails in the name of the bank. Collects the account and mobile number of the company or person concerned. Then the operation started.


Cybercriminals create fake documents in the name of that organization or person. With that document appeared in the office of the mobile service provider. Accompanied by a fake copy of the General Diary of Sim Harana. The mobile phone is lost, they argue and they ask to block the active SIM. After verifying the document, the staff of the concerned mobile service provider deactivates it. New SIM is issued at the same number. Then the cyber fraudsters started transacting through that account.

OTP keeps coming to that new SIM. As a result, they do not have any difficulty in conducting transactions. After handing over the money, the mobile service provider is asked to block the SIM. This is how the detainees were working. They have bank documents of several organizations and individuals from different states. Matched as well. Multiple duplicate SIMs.

sim card scams

But ordinary people will understand how the sim swap? According to a state police officer, the SIM suddenly became obsolete. Even if you work, the message does not come at the specified time. That’s why customers can find out much after the money goes up. Therefore, the advice of the police, such incidents should be reported to the police immediately. You can also request to freeze the account by calling the bank. So that even if the SIM is cloned or duplicated, the transaction cannot be done.

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What is SIM swapping crime?

SIM swapping is a scam in which malicious parties target cell phone carriers to gain access to victims’ bank accounts, virtual currency accounts and additional sensitive information by using social engineering, insider threat or phishing techniques.

Is my SIM hacked?

One of the terribly 1st signs of SIM hacking that you will notice could be a apparently random text purporting to be from your network supplier asking you to restart your device. this can be typically a message sent from the hacker. Restarting the phone provides them an opportunity, while the phone is off, to steal your SIM details.

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