Secret love with the lover’s sister! Two pregnant sisters, what happened next

New Delhi: Love started from the age of 13. Her boyfriend was 3 years older than the young woman. But at the age of 20, the young woman became pregnant. He was not married yet. But in an accident she miscarried. After that he moved away from his lover for a few days. But then he got to know the amazing thing.

The young woman finds out that her boyfriend is now in a relationship with the young woman’s sister. His sister is also pregnant. Both were preparing for marriage. famous Social The 24-year-old young woman told the whole incident on the news forum Reddit.

The young woman, who did not wish to be named, claimed that after the abortion, she moved away from her boyfriend for some time. At that time the boyfriend developed a relationship with his sister. Even the sister gets pregnant. Now that sister was being proposed to by her ex-boyfriend. The young woman said, we got into a relationship at the age of 13. He was my first love, my first everything. I got pregnant at the age of 20. Then we got engaged. But after the abortion, distance was created between us.

The young woman said that she had a wedding a few days ago invitation drink It was his own sister’s wedding invitation card. And that card has her old boyfriend as groom. After hearing this news, hands practically fell on the head. After that he went to that wedding ceremony. Go there and tell everything. After that, the wedding ceremony practically fell into chaos.

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The young woman claims that she is very upset after this incident. Because his family did not stand by that young woman. On the contrary, he blamed him for saying all these things in the wedding ceremony. Now posting on social media, the young lady told the whole matter. Which is viral.

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