Search for life in Mrutpuri Turkey and Syria, ‘miracle’ birth, rescue pet too

Turkey and Syria killed by strong earthquake. In the last four days, the death toll has exceeded 21 thousand. Dead bodies are being recovered from the rubble one after another. Rescuers found life in the meantime. They rescued the newborn from under the rubble. The pet was rescued. A four-story building collapsed in Zenderis, Syria due to an earthquake. While removing the debris, the eyes of the rescuers were raised. They saw a newly born child lying under the broken brick and cement roof. His mother was lying dead next to him. The child still had a pulse with the dead woman. The newborn was rescued by cutting the pulse. The rescuers immediately wrapped him in a blanket and ran to the hospital. According to hospital sources, the child is suffering from pneumonia. It is known that his entire family including parents, brothers and sisters lost their lives in the earthquake. The orphaned child born in the earthquake has been named ‘Ayah’. In Arabic it means miraculous.

Turkey Earthquake Latest News: Crying around the ruins, the death toll in earthquake-ravaged Turkey has reached 21,000.
On the other hand, in turkish An essence was recovered from the rubble. A huge building collapsed in that area due to the earthquake. The dog was buried under a brick and cement slab. Rescuers dug a hole in the rubble to search for life. The dog tried to get out through that hole. He was immediately given water. Later, the dog was rescued by cutting the nearby brick and cement canal. However, its owner was not found. The rescuers assume that the owner of Sarmey died in the earthquake.

Rescue work has begun in earthquake-ravaged Turkey Indian Army and NDRFThe team of The army has already built a field hospital there. The injured are being treated at the 30-bed hospital. A heart touching picture has emerged from the field hospital built by the Indian Army. A Turkish woman hugged an army officer after seeing her family members save their lives. That picture has already gone viral on social media. The Turkish journalist named the film ‘We don’t care’.

The terrible earthquake that happened last Monday was mentioned by the Turkish president as ‘the biggest disaster of the century’ Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Along with India, China, America and Afghanistan have announced to send aid to earthquake-ravaged Turkey. On the other hand, relief goods have been sent to earthquake-affected areas in war-torn Syria.

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