Saturn set: Don’t forget to do these things in the state of Saturn, there may be dire consequences

According to Indian Astrology, Saturn, the god of justice, set in the west on January 31 at 04.31 am. Saturn will now be in Aquarius for 33 days. It will rise again to the east at 6.29 pm on March 5. During these 33 days, those who have half sati or shani dosha, should not do any illegal or wrongdoing. Otherwise you may have to face the wrath of Saturn. Let’s know some bad habits people should stay away from due to the setting of Saturn.

One should not eat meat or tamasic food after the sunset of Saturn. It is better to give up meat during this period. Otherwise Saturn may get angry with you. By doing this you will not get success in your work.

Shanidev is considered as the god of justice. He is disturbed by all the wrong habits and wrong doings. Therefore, after the sunset of Saturn, even by mistake, one should not engage in activities like drinking or gambling. Avoid alcohol and gambling during this time to avoid Saturn’s wrath.

Shani Dev gets angry very quickly with those who do not respect their parents. If you do this for any reason, correct your habit today. Otherwise Saturn’s wrath will put you in danger.

Do not hurt other living creatures. Many times knowingly or unknowingly people hurt other living beings without any reason, don’t do it. The oppressors of silent animals are also looked down upon by Saturn.

Those who misbehave with their co-workers, sweepers, sick, helpless, poor etc. are directly aspected by Saturn. Lord Shani gives the results of such people’s deeds when Shani Dasha or Mahadasha comes.

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