Samudrik shastra: What are the qualities of those who have moles on their necks? What does marine literature say?

Samudrika Shastra was composed by Samudra Rishi. This is why today it is called Samudrik Shastra. In this Shastra, the structure of the organs and moles of any person is studied. Sesame made in the body gives good and bad results. Let’s know what are the auspicious and inauspicious consequences of having a mole on the neck.

Mole in the throat

According to Samudri Shastra, those with moles around their necks are peaceful. Besides being fair, these people are either truthful. They do not tolerate lies of any kind. Likes to finish any work on time. These people earn name based on hard work at work.

Mole on the neck

According to Samudrika Shastra, such people have moles on the upper part of the neck. Such people are honest and trustworthy outspoken. You can share your personal stuff with these people. These people are good at saving. These people have the ability to lead. They achieve their goals quickly based on hard work.

Moles on the lower part of the neck

According to marine science, such individuals have moles on the lower part of the neck. Sexuality is low among these people. They know how to maintain a relationship well. These people love to travel. These people believe more in action. It is their habit to finish work on time. These people are trustworthy.

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