‘Rust’ caught in the body? Kim gave birth to new speculations about the identity of his successor

After 36 days, Kim Jong Un came to the public. Recently it was said that he could not be found. It was heard that the ruler of North Korea is seriously ill. There were many speculations about him being abducted. Finally, Kim himself put an end to all the speculation. On February 7, Kim Jong Un appeared in public on the occasion of the 75th founding day of the army in North Korea. His wife and daughter were also seen. Not only that, but for the first time, the family members interacted with all the high-ranking officials and generals of the country. And this is where Kim Jong Un gave birth to new speculations. According to a section of the international community, Kim’s body may have ‘rust’. Therefore, this ‘tyrannical’ ruler of North Korea wants to hand over the throne to his successor.

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Apparent successor to Kim

Kim Jong Un’s May Ju Ae is going to take over his throne. The ruler of North Korea brought his daughter to the front line at the army’s 75th founding day ceremony. In his absence, all the responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of this school girl of 10-11 years. Kim explained this. In pictures released by the Korean Central News Agency, Joo Ae is seen sitting next to his father at a military foundation day celebration in Pyongyang. Kim’s daughter was spotted looking smart in a black skirt and suit. North Korea’s First Lady Ri Sul Jul is also present. Army officers were seen greeting Kim as he walked into the banquet hall with his daughter.

Estimates of the international peak, 36 days behind Kim Jong Un Planned something big. The ruler of North Korea also held a meeting with senior military officials on February 7. There he also gave some important instructions to the army. According to reports, Kim Jong Un has ordered his army to start preparing for war.

According to international media sources, Kim Jong Un has renamed his country’s nuclear missile laboratory. This agency for manufacturing and testing missiles was named, ‘Missile General Bureau.’ This is the first time that the name of this branch of the army has been publicly announced. It is known that this military department also has one of the world’s most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles Hwasong 17.

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