Run for the US presidency again? Joe Biden put in the smoke

World News: Presidential election in America next year. Republican Donald Trump has already made up his mind to contest the election. However, the question started to arise whether the current president Joe Biden will compete again. The US President said on Wednesday that he has not yet made a final decision about running.

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Earlier, White House spokesperson Anita Dunn said that Biden wants to compete in the next US presidential election in November last year. At the beginning of this year, it was indicated that the current US President may take the final decision in this regard. There has already been speculation surrounding Biden’s comments about standing for election.

According to a group of US political experts, a few days ago the US ‘Department of Justice’ searched Joe Biden’s house in Delaware. They recovered several secret documents from there. 6 more secret documents have been recovered from Joe Biden’s family residence, according to the US President’s lawyer. The search has already started in the US. Biden’s Democratic Party believes that its impact may fall on the next presidential election. After that, Biden’s comments about running for the presidency are considered to be quite indicative.

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