Romeo-Julie gives Nasreen a ‘second life’ after calling out for life

Nasreen was buried under the rubble for about 80 hours. NDRF of India rescued this six-year-old Turkish child (Turkey Child Rescue). Nasreen is like a light of hope in Turkey, which is devastated by the destruction of nature. But, do you know there is another story of bravery behind the rescue of this miracle child? Six year old Nasreen is found by Romeo and Julie. They were the ones who sniffed through the debris and gave the whereabouts of Jeevit Nasreen. And so the NDRF personnel managed to remove the broken parts of the collapsed multi-storey building and pull out the child. This Romeo and Juliet is none other than the duo of Indian Disaster Response Force (NDRF).

Girl Rescued From Turkey: Miracle Child! The Indian NDRF team rescued the baby girl stuck under the rubble for 72 hours
Romeo-Julie rescues Nasreen

Gaziantep The area was buried under rubble nasriNa and his whole family. The six-year-old child’s urge to live was strong even though the chances of his parents’ survival were low. So even after 80 hours, Ekratty was still fighting for his life. And in this fight he did not let anything lose Romeo and Juliet (Indian Rescue Dogs Romeo And Juliet). Just sniffing and sniffing, the two Sarmey reached Nasreen. These two Indians caught the attention of NDRF personnel. The rescue team soon realized that someone was still alive under the rubble. Rescue work started immediately. Nasreen was pulled out of the rubble. Then his heartbeat, pulse is going on.

How was Nasreen rescued?

NDRF DG Atul Karwal said, “The bodies of Nasreen’s three family members were recovered earlier. There was no trace of Nasreen. He was found after 80 hours. The rescue operation was led by a sub-inspector. There were multiple pancake collapses in Gaziantep area. When it collapses and no occupant has any hope of survival, it is called pancake collapse. the ruins I was retrieving bodies one by one. At that time, Julie sniffed the smell and started calling. Then Romeo reaches there. Both of them pointed to a certain ruin and started shouting loudly. It was not difficult for us to understand that someone was there and he was alive. The child was rescued by quickly removing the debris. It is because of these two Labradors that we were able to rescue Nasreen alive.” The two are now the heroes of the rescue team after finding the Turkish baby girl.

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