Roads Will Be Full Of Electric Bikes By 2030, Claims Study

Roads Will Be Full Of Electric Bikes By 2030: India is currently going through a changing situation. People are moving from petrol-powered to electric vehicles. 3-wheeled electric rickshaw, Toto, has already spread all over the country. Electric scooters are also seen on the streets. If this continues, by 2030 all roads will be filled with electric scooters/bikes. About 78% will increase compared to now, says the survey.

Roads Will Be Full Of Electric Bikes By 2030

Gradually, the trust of the common people in the electric scooter-bike is increasing. As government policies, improvements in battery technology, installation of roadside charging stations – etc. increase, the confidence of consumers increases.

Not only that, the idea that electric vehicles mean cow cars is also breaking. Turns out, e-scooters are beating even petrol scooter bikes of the same or twice the price.

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The range is also increasing. As a result, the fear of getting stuck in the middle of the charge is also reduced.

And all this at a low cost. Electric scooters/bikes are much cheaper to run than petrol-powered ones. As a result, everyone can understand the matter.

But still, the biggest problem in buying an e-scooter, the bike is the lack of charging stations. Most people still rely on petrol because of the problem of running out of charge mid-way, or not finding a charging station somewhere.

Currently, there are 3,000 EV charging stations in India.

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