Rescued from under the rubble after 128 hours, the child took a bath and ate a hearty meal!

On the sleeve: This child has caught the eye for now in pictures and videos of earthquake rescue operations in Turkey. A two-month-old baby was buried under the rubble for nearly 128 hours after the powerful earthquake. But he did not lose his life. Yesterday, the picture after the rescue of the child went viral on social media. After such a terrible earthquake in Turkey, this mysterious two-month-old baby was seen with dust all over his face.

He was finally bathed and fed after being rescued on Saturday. And it seems that he got a new life. Although he did not give up his life even after the death shock. Many have shared the video of his smiling face on social media. He has been called a hero in netpara. After taking a bath, the little life is very excited after getting the food it likes. It is also clear in the video.

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