Reducing carbon emissions will increase job opportunities for ordinary people! What did the finance minister say in the budget? While presenting the Union Budget Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated that the government is focusing on green growth efforts to reduce carbon intensity in economy

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: How is the budget? Naturally, many people will give different opinions and say different things about such a big budget of such a big country. Both good and bad will say. Criticize and give advice. But everyone agrees on one thing. Environment has been thought of in this budget.

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Concerns about climate change have arisen all over the world. Environmental protection is now a priority for almost all world leaders. Keeping in tune with this trend, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said to give importance to environmental considerations in the general budget as well. Presenting the budget today, Wednesday, February 1, the finance minister first mentioned seven issues. One of the issues that are being given special importance this time is ‘Green Growth’. What is this ‘green growth’? That is, the main goal of the central government is to make various sectors environment-friendly.

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According to the announcement of the Minister of Finance, which areas will be identified as environmentally friendly?

These include energy, agriculture, infrastructure and equipment sectors. The use of green fuel instead of conventional fuel, green farming instead of current agriculture, green building instead of current infrastructure and green equipment instead of traditional wearable equipment will be popularized. All the things that play a role in India’s economy are said to be eco-friendly. This initiative is aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The Minister of Finance has also claimed that, as a result, the opportunities for environmentally friendly employment will increase!

The finance minister said that a target of zero carbon emissions has been set by 2070. He said that along with the progress of the economy, 19 thousand 700 crore rupees have been allocated for the Green Hydrogen Mission to reduce carbon emissions.

Now let’s see, how much this theory is implemented in the coming days, how ‘green’ the targeted areas become and any employment at all!

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