‘Rakhe hari mare ke’, 128 hours alive under rubble, mysterious child found in Turkey

On the sleeve: So far at least 28 thousand people have died and about 6 thousand multi-storey buildings have collapsed. The situation in Turkey is very bad as a result of one earthquake after another. The people of the world are shivering after seeing the pictures and videos there. Last Monday, Turkey was shaken by a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. After that several times aftershock. After removing the debris, one body after another is being recovered for the past few days. There is a pulse of life in it. Yesterday, such a miracle happened in the hands of Turkey. The touching picture is currently viral on the net.

A 2-month-old baby was found alive after being stuck under the rubble of a multi-storey building for almost 128 hours. Other victims standing on the street could not hold back their tears after witnessing the rescue. Many have burst into shouting and clapping. The child had been lying under the rubble for about 128 hours since the earthquake. He was finally rescued on Saturday and is alive.

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A devastating earthquake struck large swathes of Turkey and Syria in the early hours of Monday. The epicenter was in the Pazarkık district of Kahramanmaras province in southeastern Turkey. The magnitude of the first tremor was 7.8 on the Richter scale. After that, Turkey was shaken by an aftershock of 7.7 magnitude. According to Turkey’s disaster management sources, more than 6,000 multi-storey buildings have collapsed. It is feared that 50,000 people have died. Freezing weather is hampering the rescue operation. From the beginning, India has extended a hand of help to the beleaguered Turkey.

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After the earthquake in Turkey, India sent several teams of NDRF personnel to that country. And 6 dogs have joined this group. Names–Romeo, Julie, Rambo, Honey, Bob and Roxy. The rescue team has been working tirelessly to find survivors in the affected areas of Turkey.

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