Rainbow Colored Planet: NASA Showed The Cosmic Rainbow, What Is The Secret?

Rainbow Colored Planet: One of my favorite Bengali songs is ‘Dekhechho ki take’. A few lines of that song– ‘Did you see him by that blue river?

Raise your hand to the sky in the water-soaked field / Who wants that rainbow floating behind the clouds / Have you seen him by that blue river?’

Rainbow Colored Planet

The rainbow color that recently spread in the sky, is from the Nile River? No, so-or how possible? The blue river is flowing on the ground. The rainbow-color of the river of a song is no longer possible in the sky. But where is the end of the rainbow? One such question is now floating in the world of astronautics. And on the other side, the flood of abundant colors is in the chest of the universe. Pluto radiates this rainbow color.

As a result, Pluto is seen in a whole new way. In fact, Mercury, Mars, and Moon are the most studied in our solar system. Less practiced with other planets. In that situation, this new study of Pluto has opened a new field of research in the field of astronomy.

There are many unknown facts about Pluto’s topography. For example, the planet’s topography is very varied, with its long, high elevations as well as its smooth ice sheets and windswept uplands — all of which create rainbows. A variety of colors have been created by the scattering of light on this unique ground level. This new research was done recently by ‘New Horizons’. All this information about Pluto is known from that research.

The left side of the planet is known to be mostly blue-green, with swirling purple patches. And to its right is a bright yellow-green coating on a blood orange head. All in all a beautiful colorful scene. Like a picture painted by an artist. NASA has posted just such a picture.

NASA’s blog says–Pluto is a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt. Pluto is half the circumference of the United States. And its largest moon is called ‘Sharon’ which is half the size of Pluto.

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