Putin’s Threat: America’s Cruel Consequences If They Send Weapons!

Putin’s Threat: The United States has pledged another $270 million in military aid to Ukraine. This includes advanced technology drones. The White House said Washington is in the early stages of sending fighter jets. This is a new military The aid package includes four HIMARS launchers and 580 Phoenix Ghost drones, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said.

Putin's Threat

Putin’s Threat

Besides, there will be 36,000 rounds of artillery or rocket ammunition and missiles that can be used in HIMARS. Russia started a special operation in Ukraine on February 24. In the last five months of the war, several cities in Ukraine have been turned into ruins, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened that Russia has not started anything yet.

On Friday, he also announced that the way for talks is open. Khabar Global News and RT. Prolonging the ongoing conflict with various forms of aid, including weapons, would make such talks difficult, he warned.

We do not reject offers of peace talks, but those who reject should know – the longer it takes, the more complex the talks will become. Putin also said that the declaration by the Western world that the Ukrainians are willing to fight to the end is actually a tragedy for the Ukrainian people.

He said the alliance’s excesses have threatened Russia’s consistent efforts to create a fair international security system, blaming the US-led NATO for the ongoing situation. The Russian president said that if the West’s goal was to provoke a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, then they have succeeded.

But strategically, the West lost when Moscow launched a military campaign in Ukraine. Because through this, the US-led world system has broken down. Putin emphasized in his speech that the breakdown that has begun cannot be stopped.

Without naming the United States and the rest of its allies, Putin explained that Russia would not allow the aircraft or weapons sent to the streets of Poland to land on the ground. It will be destroyed in the sky itself. One-third of Russia’s power has not yet been shown, the Russian president said.

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