Putin hit song! Russian pop star killed by dipping in the Volga?

The mysterious death of Russian pop star Dima Nova. His frozen body was recovered from the river. The 24-year-old Dima wrote a song criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin. As a result, many questions are being raised about his death.

According to the Russian administration sources, frozen in ice Volga River He was walking over. At that time suddenly the ice broke and he fell into the river.

In 2012, Dima created a music band called ‘Cream Soda’. He reached the peak of popularity in a short time. He made a song about Volga, the largest river in Russia. The song was also called ‘Volga’.

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But, as soon as the Russia-Ukraine war started in 2022 President Putin Dima started harsh criticism. The band ‘Cream Soda’ made a song called ‘Aqua Disco’ about this. The lyrics were written by the Russian pop star.

This anti-war song created by Dima last year spread all over Russia. This song has also been used in protests against the Putin administration in many places. Activists renamed the song. name is, ‘Aqua Disco Party’.

However, this is not the case since last year, when the pop star came out against the Russian president. A few years ago, President Putin built a luxurious palace at a cost of 130 million rupees. Dima wrote a satirical song about this too.

Last year, the hanging body of Russian army officer Lt. Col. Roman Malik was recovered. During the war he was in charge of creating a reserve force for Russia.

The inventor of the Covid vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ was killed this month Russian scientist Andrey Botikov. He was strangled to death with a belt in his apartment.

Russian pop star Dima died mysteriously in that atmosphere. It is to be noted that he talked about going under the Volga in a song about the river. His dead body was also recovered from the river.

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