Punishment for not wearing hijab, Iran did not allow ‘Shatanraj Ki Khiladi’ to enter the country

An Iranian chess player participated in the World Chess Championship without wearing a hijab. He could not return to the country after the end of the competition. He was forced to take refuge in Spain. The name of the 25-year-old Iranian chess player is Sara Khadem. Tehran has issued an arrest warrant against him.

The anti-hijab movement has started across Iran since September last year. Meanwhile, the Fide World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship is being held in Kazakhstan. Sara went to Kazakhstan last December to participate in that competition. In support of the movement going on in the country, he went to the game of 64 khope magjastra without hijab.

Photos of Sarah playing chess without a hijab at a tournament in Kazakhstan were published by Western media. Since then he was receiving threatening phone calls. Allegedly, Sara’s family also had to face Shasani. Not only that, Iran’s Ibrahim Raisi government issued an arrest warrant against him.

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After that, her parents contacted Sara who was in Kazakhstan. They said that there is no need for Sarah to return to the country. The young chess player was forced to go to Spain. He expressed hope that the situation will change very soon.

Sara is currently ranked 804th in terms of world ranking. His real name is Sarasadat Khademalshareih. Experts are skeptical about whether this talented chess player born in 1997 will ever be able to return to the country.

After this, the entire Iran was in turmoil in the anti-hijab movement. Iranian guards were accused of indiscriminate firing to quell the protests. The Human Rights Commission has claimed that more than 500 people have died. They also said that children and women are among the dead.

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