‘Punishment’ for meeting a friend, brutally beating and gang-raping a young woman in a park in Islamabad

Medieval barbarism in Pakistan. A young woman was gang-raped while she was in the park with her friend even after 8 pm. Recently this incident happened in the capital Islamabad (Islamabad). According to Pakistani media, the 24-year-old girl went to Fatima Jinnah Park with her friend. Allegedly, suddenly two persons came there with firearms. They forced the young woman to a secluded place in the park with a gun pointed at her head. He was beaten there first. Later the two gang-raped them by tearing their clothes. The victim claimed that he repeatedly pleaded to be saved. He even wanted to pay money to the accused. But even that did not melt their minds. Pak police has already filed an FIR in this incident. It should be noted that Pakistan ranks second in the world in terms of violence against women. In the Islamabad incident, the terrible picture of women’s protection in the country was once again disgraced in front of the whole world.

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According to Pakistani administration sources, this incident took place on February 2 this year. The victim told the police that the accused misrepresented her as a friend. The accused claimed that there was a love relationship between the two. For protesting this, the young woman was first slapped. The two men later threw him on the ground and beat him. Not only that, it is also alleged that his hair was pulled and torn. Later, however, all the belongings of the victim were returned by the accused. An additional thousand rupees were paid to him so that he would not tell anyone about the incident in the park. However, the accused forbade him to come to the park at night. This is what the victim claimed in the FIR lodged with the police.

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