Prolonged Heatwave: Why Is The Heat Wave So Intense Around The World? How To Live?

Prolonged Heatwave: World heat flow across. Europe is burning. A state of emergency in the UK. Deaths are increasing in Spain. The situation in Portugal is also bad. Some parts of the fire have been added to this heat. Asia is also burning. Summer is blowing in Japan. India’s situation is not good either. The so-called cold region of North Bengal is also affected by heat.

Why Is The Heat Wave So Intense Around The World

Prolonged Heatwave

Why is this weather situation around the world, why is it so hot, and why is it such a heat wave?

Scientists are eyeing another direction besides climate warming. It is a temporary phenomenon. They say that the sun is directly above the equator at this time. As a result, temperatures will rise in most parts of Asia these few days.

How To Live In Prolonged Heatwave?

Environmentalists and doctors advise, trying to stay at home or office or in a shelter from 12 pm to 3 pm to avoid heat waves during this extreme heat. During this time the temperature will rise up to 35-40 degrees Celsius, resulting in a high risk of dehydration and sunstroke.

For this reason, they advise everyone to drink plenty of water. Everyone should drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Also, they are talking about blood pressure tests. As there is a risk of heat stroke, soak in cold water as often as possible. They also advise to eat more fruits and vegetables and eliminating meat or meat preparations from the menu as much as possible.

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