‘Please Don’t Boycott’, Amir Khan On Lal Singh Chadha

‘Please Don’t Boycott’, Amir Khan On Lal Singh Chadha: The trend of ‘Boycott Lal Singh Chadha’ has been trending on Twitter for several days. Hindi remake of Hollywood classic ‘Forrest Gump’. The movie is slated to release on August 11. However, the net citizens have taken advantage of Amir’s interview about the country’s situation a few years ago. There are calls for a boycott of the film.

‘Please Don’t Boycott’, Amir Khan On Lal Singh Chadha

Recently, Aamir opened up about this. When asked at the press conference, he said, ‘Please don’t boycott my cinema’. Aamir was asked whether the call for such a boycott of his film bothers him or not! And the answer comes, ‘Yes, I feel bad. It makes me feel worse to think that many people who are doing this kind of propaganda believe in their hearts that I don’t love India. This is not true. Rather wrong, false. Unfortunately, some people think like that. Please don’t boycott my photos. Please see the picture.’

In an interview a few years ago, Aamir said, India is becoming increasingly intolerant. He also told about his desire to leave the country with his then-wife (Kiran Kher) and son Azad Rao Khan. The interview went viral. However, Amir later claimed that his words were taken wrongly by everyone. It is understood that the words spoken in 2015 have not been forgotten by some.

Net-citizens demand ‘when you dislike the country so much then why are you publishing the picture here? With a call to boycott the film.

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