Partition Of India Pakistan – India And Pakistan Partition History, Know The Full Story

Partition Of India Pakistan – Friends, a day before Independence Day, ‘Partition Vibhisika Memorial Day’ is celebrated in our country on the 14th of August. On August 14, 2021, the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi announced to consider this day as ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day.

Partition Of India Pakistan

This day is celebrated in the memory of the struggle and sacrifice of those people who had to struggle and lost their lives due to the partition of India Pakistan.

story of India and Pakistan partition

Friends, with the independence of India, India was partitioned and millions of people had to move from one place to another. Due to the partition of India Pakistan, lakhs of people lost their lives and crores of people were badly affected by it. At present, most people are unaware of how much people had to suffer due to the partition of India-Pakistan.

story of India and Pakistan partition

Today in this article we will know why India was partitioned. What were the reasons for the partition of India? Also know the consequences of the partition of India, the role of Jinnah in the partition of India, and how many people died in the partition of India? After all, what had happened was that Prime Minister Narendra Modi started celebrating ‘Bhajan Vibhishika Memorial Day’ on the 14th of August.

Partition Of India Pakistan

Friends, this story starts in the year 1920 or much earlier than that. In fact, by that time, the feeling of independence of the country had risen in the minds of the people of India. A large number of people stood up against British rule for independence. In such a situation, by that time it was decided that India would soon get independence. In such a situation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah thought that after the independence of the country, only Hindus would form the government here because the Hindu population is more. In such a situation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah started the demand for a separate Muslim nation. This was the main reason for the partition of India.

After 1920, Muhammad Ali Jinnah started making efforts for a separate Muslim nation. He instilled in the minds of the people of the Muslim community that the mainstream party of India, the Congress, was ignoring Muslim interests. In 1930, in the presidential speech of the Muslim League, Allama Iqbal demanded a separate Muslim nation for the first time. At that time most Hindu organizations were against the partition of India, but it is also true that they also wanted to maintain the distinction between Hindus and Muslims.

In the year 1940, Muhammad Ali Jinnah made it clear in the Lahore session of the Muslim League that he wanted a separate Muslim nation after the country’s independence. The Muslim League had also supported him and said, ‘Hindu and Muslim are two different religions. There are different customs and cultures. In such a situation, living together of both will create a hindrance in the work of the governments in the nation.

India And Pakistan Partition History

On the other hand, Mahatma Gandhi was against the partition of India. He believed that Hindus and Muslims could live together. He opposed this and said ‘My whole soul rebels against the idea that Hindus and Muslims are two opposing religions and cultures.’ Meanwhile, in 1946, riots started in Kolkata under the leadership of the Muslim League. 5000 people died in these riots. In such a situation, the pressure started increasing on all the leaders of the country that they should accept the partition of India, otherwise the country would be in a state of complete war.

The Indian Independence Act was passed in the British Parliament on 18 July 1947. With this, the process of partitioning India was finalized. The process of partition of India is also called ‘the 3 June Plan or Mountbatten Plan. Along with this, all the princely states of India were also given the freedom that they wanted to live with either India or Pakistan. Most of the states chose between India and Pakistan on the basis of religion.

In this way, in August 1947, the country was divided into two, and India Pakistan became two separate countries. The boundary line between India and Pakistan was drawn by the London lawyer Sir Cyril Radcliffe. It is said that the British government did not carry out the process of partitioning India and Pakistan properly. The Tish government first declared the independence of the country and later declared partition. In such a situation, the responsibility of keeping peace in the country fell on the new governments of both countries and they did not have any experience and facilities for this.

Due to the division done on the basis of religion, about 1.5 crore people had to be evicted from their homes, villages, and land. He had to go to another place and start his life again. Lakhs of Hindu and Sikh families had to leave their property in Pakistan and come to India, while millions of Muslims of India had to leave their property and go to Pakistan.

It would have been a good thing if all this had been done peacefully, but with the partition, riots started in both countries. Those who were going from one country to another also started being attacked. Thousands of women were raped and young girls were abducted. About one million people were killed on both sides in this partition. Millions of people became homeless.

Property division between India and Pakistan

Along with the division among the people, the division of property between India and Pakistan was also a big challenge. Mountbatten had asked the Government of India to give Rs 55 crore to the Government of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistan invaded Kashmir. In such a situation, the Union Cabinet decided not to give this amount to Pakistan for the time being, but Mahatma Gandhi did not like it.

India And Pakistan Partition History

According to Wikipedia, Mahatma Gandhi started a fast to get this amount to Pakistan. Due to the fast of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian government came under pressure, and against the interests of India, the government decided to give Rs 55 crore to Pakistan. It is said that Nathuram Godse had decided to kill Mahatma Gandhi only after seeing this work.

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