Partha Chatterjee Ambulance At ‘Lightning Speed’ Airport, Bhuvneshwar Flies For Medical Examination

Partha Chatterjee Ambulance At ‘Lightning Speed’ Airport: Partha Chatterjee is being taken to Bhubaneswar for a medical examination today. Yesterday, the court directed that Partha Chatterjee should be taken to Bhubaneswar AIIMS by air ambulance. Similarly, the activity increased in SSKM this morning.

Partha Chatterjee Ambulance At 'Lightning Speed' Airport

Partha Chatterjee’s lawyer is accompanying him to Bhubaneswar. Moreover, a doctor from the cardiology department of SSKM is also said to be going to Bhubaneswar with Parthababu.

Partha Chatterjee Ambulance At ‘Lightning Speed’ Airport

Partha Chattopadhyay’s ambulance left SSKM Hospital at around 7:35 am today. The ambulance reached the airport before 8 a.m. Minister Partha Chatterjee’s ambulance entered the airport through gate number five. After that, he was taken to Bhubaneswar by air ambulance. According to sources, an air ambulance was brought from Guwahati to take Parthabu today.

It is to be noted that the Bank shall Court ordered Parth to be admitted to SSKM Hospital. ED went to the High Court challenging that order. The High Court adjourned the hearing after question-and-answer on Sunday afternoon. By 9 pm, the High Court ordered that Perth should be taken to Calcutta airport in an ambulance on Monday morning. From there, the High Court ordered them to fly him to Bhubaneswar AIIMS by air ambulance. ED alleged that Parthababu was influencing SSKM. There the minister is in the ‘King Hall’. The investigators want to take him to Bhubaneswar AIIMS to get a real idea of ​​Parthar’s physical condition. Pursuant to that plea, the High Court ordered Parth to be taken to Bhubaneswar. AIIMS has to submit the report on Parthar’s physical condition by 3 pm today.

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