On V day, singles trust Damdami Maa, worshiped with condoms, now another surprise

Valentine’s Day celebrations can be seen in various ways. There is no dearth of new plans to offer love to a loved one. In order to remember the special day of love, there are strange customs in different countries. But India has the same thing. The capital Delhi itself has a strange tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a different way at Hindu College under Delhi University. The ‘Virgin Tree’ in the college premises is worshiped on this day. Every year on February 14, a Bollywood actress is worshiped as ‘Damdami Maa’ in this college. Pujoachcha also hangs pictures of the actor as well as the Bachelor actress on the tree. Along with the puja, fun Bollywood, Punjabi music plays.

However, no actor or actress’s picture has been placed in this year’s puja. Lalit Dadarwal, a student of the Department of Zoology, said that this year, Damdami Maa is worshiped not with garlands of condoms, but with flower garlands. Also, no actor or actress photos have been placed. He said that the hostel residents used to perform puja with pictures of the actress. Not only that. Lalit told Hindustan Times that this puja is a long-standing tradition of our college. Can it be closed so easily? So this year also the puja was done. This year’s puja method is slightly different from other times.

This puja was closed for two years during covid. Before covid, Disha Patani’s picture was hung and worshiped in this tree. He was chosen by the bachelors after watching Seva’s Mahendra Singh Dhoni biopic. There are several rules for such a puja. No couples can participate in this puja. Before the puja, voting takes place among the singles. Which Bollywood actress will be chosen as ‘Damdami Maa’ this time? As such the person who gets the most votes is elected. The year Disha Patani’s Puja was held, Nargis Fakhri was in the running for voting. But since Disha’s votes are high, the pooja continues with her picture hanging. But unlike other times, this time there is no actress or actor. A single college student worships the ‘Virgin Tree’ only.

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