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Protection Of Old Age Care in Covid 19

Old Age Care In Covid 19: The whole world is suffering from the fear of infection. If we are not more careful now, the situation will become worse. The nature of the speed of infection is different from the previous infection and much more. Old Age people Need Extra Old age Care.

Old Age Care In Covid 19

The rate of infection in the elderly was indeed much higher in the first infection, but this time also the elderly are being infected along with other adults and Old age. Therefore, it is very important to be careful during this period, especially for the elderly and their family members, who need Old Age Care. But do not panic unnecessarily and listen to rumors Another hope is that the first dose of the vaccine, even the second dose, has been completed for a large proportion of the elderly.

Method of transmission:

It has been said before that respiratory secretion, such as sneezing, coughing, etc. does not spread through vapor particles. But according to current scientific data, the virus is also spread through inhalation and air. Things that can get stuck in the droplets, such as wood, stainless steel, cardboard, etc., can be through everything. Which is called contact spading.

What are the symptoms? (Old Age Care In Covid 19)

Old age Care: In addition to the previous symptoms of this infection, there are other symptoms such as fever. The fever is rising to 103/104 degrees this time. Old age Care.

* Feeling of fever * Sneezing and runny nose * Dry annoying cough again Coughing * No smell * No taste * Pain in hands and feet * Pain in muscles and joints * Headache * Shortness of breath * Mild to short * Walking or shortness of breath * Weakness Slight to more sore throat or pain * Diarrhea * Abdominal rash and skin rash * Redness of the eyes * In some cases, there is an unusual odor such as fish odor, an odor which we call parosmia.

Also take special care if you come in contact with an infected person, especially if you spend more than 15 minutes in a confined space.

2 days to 14 days.

Recovery time:

2 weeks in normal cases, four to six weeks in most infections

It may even take longer.

What to test? (Old Age Care In Covid 19)

Care For Elderly: Consult a doctor immediately if any symptoms occur. Do not neglect, especially in the case of the elderly.

RT PCR This test needs to be done to determine if you are infected. And it is very good to know the city value. The higher it is, the lower your viral load.

In addition to complete blood count, neutrophil and lymphocyte ratio, CRP, D-dimer, ferritin, IL6, LDH, urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, sugar fasting, PP, LFT, etc., to know the risk of the risk. Chest X-ray, EEG, HRCT, and Chest with City value also need to be checked if needed.

When Deadly?

The virus first infects the upper respiratory tract of respiratory tract but then spreads to the lower respiratory tract. It causes severe pneumonia, septicemia, ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), and multi-organ failure. The chances of dying increase. An old person needs Care.

Why are adults more affected?

Adults are more likely to be infected, because:

1. Corrosion is said to reduce the body’s resistance to anger.

2. Multiple diseases, especially chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases such as chronic heart failure, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, COPD, and other respiratory diseases can lead to infection.

The chances increase.

3. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, less work, etc.

4. Due to malnutrition.

5. Many medications need to be taken and some medications such as Systemic corticosteroids etc. are more likely.

6. Drug resistance increases with age, so the drug does not want to work quickly.

Ways To Corona Prevention Methods (Old Age Care In Covid 19)

Corona Prevention Methods

1. Strict adherence to SMS (social/physical distance, wearing of a mask, and use of sanitizer).

2. Vaccination.

3 Coughing by hiding something (cuffing etiquette), bending the elbow, and covering the face with the arm. Sneeze or cough using tissue paper or a handkerchief.

4. Repeatedly wash your hands and face. With soap or hand sanitizer.

5. Do not touch the eyes, face, or nose unnecessarily.

6. If you have a cold or cough, do not mix with others.

7. Stay at least 2 meters / 6 feet away from suspected rages.

8. As a precaution, do not leave the home of the elderly. If you need to wear a mask for any reason. Once worn, discard the mask in a closed dustbin.

9. Older people with fever cough or other symptoms should not be allowed into the room.

10. In the case of sick elderly, their daily use should be cleaned with disinfectant day.

11. Need to eat nutritious, fresh food.

12. Hands should be washed with soap after using the bathroom or returning from other parts of the house.

13 Drink enough water.

14. Do pranayama or breathing exercises. Spiremeter’s help can be taken. If possible, try to exercise with a skilled physiotherapist.

15. Avoid crowded places or gatherings.

16. Under no circumstances should you drink alcohol. Also, refrain from smoking, especially for those who have COPD or asthma.

17. No bath in the evening or at night

18. Adequate collection of medicines that you take regularly. Do not stop taking any medicine on your own.

19. Let the house of the old man be playful and let the proper air blow.

20 If possible, sanitize the house at regular intervals.

General: Care For Elderly

Care For Elderly

1. Controlling chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

2. Maintain facial hygiene and keep clean.

3. Refrain from all kinds of intoxicants.

4. Eat nutritious and easily digestible food. Wash vegetables and eat seasonal fruits.

5. Adequate sleep and rest.

6. Avoid taking multiple medications unless necessary.

7. Pneumococcal and influenza vaccines should not be taken.

8. Care For the Elderly.

The Vaccine Is The Only Defense

Covishield and Covaxin are already well-known. This vaccine is the only Brahmastra in the fight against Kovid. Anyone can take this vaccine without any hesitation. Only those who take oral anticoagulants such as Apixaban, Rivaroxaban, or Warfarin should consult a doctor. And all the common symptoms that appear after taking the vaccine, such as mild fever, body aches, and pains, nausea, a little stomach upset, and dizziness can occur in any of these vaccines. There is no point in not vaccinating him. Remember that it is not only for personal defense but also for collective defense which means hard immunity. So it is very important to get vaccinated.

Can’t Be Vaccinated?

Two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine, your body will develop immunity, which will reduce your chances of getting it by 60 to 70 percent. But even if there is a 20 to 30 percent chance, it will be with few symptoms, and the tendency to be admitted to the ICU in the hospital is much reduced. The chances of death are very low. So everyone should take advantage of this vaccine.

immunity booster food (Old Age Care In Covid 19)

1. Do not eat spicy food in any way.

2. Food in many positions is by no means appropriate. These can cause sudden upset stomachs or indigestion and even hyperacidity.

immunity booster food

3. Cook using less oil, salt, and spices.

4. not stale food kept in the fridge.

5. Eat as easily digestible and soft foods as possible.

6. An adequate amount of water should be consumed. There should be no dehydration in any way. At least during the day if there are no restrictions drink three liters of water and aqueous products. Under no circumstances should you drink cold water or cold drinks.

7. You can eat vitamin C-rich fruits like lemons, lemons, guavas, grapes, apples, kiwis, berries, papayas, etc. 8. Almonds, lamb, yogurt (at room temperature), dahlia, khichuri, upma, poha, etc. are also very good.

9. Protein-rich foods like boiled eggs, thin chicken soup, thin fish fillets, etc. are very beneficial.

10. If necessary, nutritional supplement powder should be taken on the advice of a doctor.

Corona Home Remedies Food

Corona Home Remedies Food: Do not start taking any medications (hydroxychloroquine, doxycycline, ivermectin, etc.) or lace herbs to prevent caries without a doctor’s advice. Do not take any medicine other than paracetamol for fever, colds, sore throats or cetirizine or chloramphenicol, or chlorpheniramine without a doctor’s advice. You can keep this time for 8/10 days of the course of probiotics (Bifidobacterium, Lactobacilli) to keep your stomach healthy. Ask your doctor if you can take vitamin C and zinc. You can gargle or steam twice in saltwater. You can eat green tea. But it is better not to do any treatment on your own.

If you can, practice praying. Lying on your back, that is, below the abdomen and chest. Laying a pillow under the abdomen and the feet for 15-30 minutes increases the air-holding capacity of the lungs. This leads to increased oxygen saturation. For this, there are beautiful shows on YouTube. If you can practice seeing it, it will benefit the respiratory problems of the elderly Available.

Under what circumstances should a doctor be consulted?
With shortness of breath, oxygen saturation drops to 94 percent or less if the heat is more than two days, If the cough lasts for more than two days, and If there is too much weakness, But in the case of the elderly, we would say that any possible symptoms of Karna should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible, no matter how small. Don’t panic.

Do not panic unnecessarily. Don’t listen to rumors. Don’t wrap yourself up. Fear and exhaustion will overwhelm you, which is not desirable in any way. Don’t panic about unnecessary hospital admissions, beds, medicines, or food. Always refrain from reading or reading-related news. Studies have shown that panic attacks are unnecessarily worsening the body. And if it is not done, it is delayed in recovery. So don’t panic. The most important thing is to take the right steps at the right time.

At home, if possible, enjoy sharing stories with adults, keep a good mind
Old age Care Being under house arrest due to the situation may make the elderly feel unhappy, and may even lead to depression. So to keep the mind healthy, healthy elders try to keep themselves active by telling stories or playing songs with other members of the household. Sit down and live a lazy life. Instead, make the most of it by spending time with your grandchildren. You will see that both generations will spend this time well. Do light jogging, exercise or jog exercises, etc. indoors. So that you stay well during this time.

Every bed in the hospital is very expensive
Old age Care: At this moment, first of all, we have to take care of the elderly people in the house. Everyone in the family should be responsible for this. We must remember that our negligence or carelessness or lack of common sense should not lead to an unpleasant emergency that could result in hospitalization or a visit to a doctor.


Q. Why is elderly care so important?

A. Ageing cannot be prevented, but we can learn how to deal with arising conditions for the great health of our loved ones. Most health concerns for the elderly are memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease among others.

Q. What are the four major old age problems?

A. Physical problems, Cognitive problems, Emotional problems, Social problems.

Q. What are the 3 types of aging?

A. There are three kinds of aging: biological, psychological, and social.

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