Not only birds, bird flu can also affect humans, WHO has warned about the change in the virus

The fear of covid is not over yet. There is still a lot of confusion about where Covid came from, how people got infected with the virus. In the meantime, the World Health Organization or WHO is talking about new fears. This time the name of concern is bird flu. According to the World Health Organization, people can be infected with bird flu. So be careful from now on.

Bird flu has been a concern of scientists and doctors at various times for the past 25 years. However, scientists have not seen much danger of humans being affected by this disease. Although it was forbidden to eat the meat of birds affected by this disease. But it has never been said that it can spread to humans.

But the H5N1 virus responsible for bird flu is changing its shape. And that’s why doctors are worried. In all previous examples, bird flu virus i.e. H5N1 only affected birds. But it has been found that mammals are also affected. Several foxes have been found in the area, having contracted the disease from infected birds. And their condition is quite critical.

From this scientists guess, this virus is rapidly changing its structure. That is, it is mutating. Recently, the World Health Organization has made aware of this. It has been said that the way this virus is changing, it can easily enter the human body in the coming days. It needs to be prepared in advance. Awareness has also been said to increase.

Many experts believe that vaccination may be necessary to prevent this virus in the future. Many people are also talking about the fear that various types of problems may increase as a result of different viruses changing their structure or mutation. Scientists have already reached their conclusions by using this virus on mice. It turns out that the new bird flu can infect them. And from there, the question of making vaccines came up. There is no doubt that it will be given importance in the coming days.

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