Not only America, China’s spy balloon targets India!

China Balloon: China can monitor some countries including India through spy balloons. US media report mentions not only America, but several countries including India, Japan are also targeted by China. Spy Balloons may be used for surveillance, according to a US media report. The press warned that surveillance could be carried out on nuclear and military facilities. A few days ago, a Chinese spy balloon was shot down by the Pentagon. After that, the fear of Chinese surveillance on several countries including India and Japan has been expressed. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on Monday alerted the embassies of 40 countries about Chinese surveillance via spy balloons, the report said. Quoting Sherman, the report also said that Beijing is trying to capture military information of other countries including India through this spy balloon.

Chinese Spy Balloon: The mystery surrounding the spy balloon in the US sky, claims of China
Over the past few years china It is also claimed that this effort is continuing. China’s People’s Liberation Army (China People’s Liberation Army) is conducting surveillance through this spy balloon, according to the report. Although with US warnings of New Delhi No response has been given yet. Citing a Pentagon official, the media reported that a total of four spy balloons have been found in Florida, Texas and Guam in the past few years. They are all made in China. China has been accused of violating its sovereignty by conducting surveillance through balloons. Three of these four were seen during the Trump administration, the media reported.

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