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North Korea Credible: North Korea is a very isolated country from the outside world. Our general idea about the country is that the authoritarian rule of the Kim family has been going on here for almost 80 years. The people of the country live below the poverty line and are subject to various forms of persecution by the government and the Kim family. If the country is in such secrecy, then how does this information come to us? If you want to go there, you can’t go to foreign media and report on everything. There is no social media or the internet. So how do we know the country’s problems?

North Korea Credible

North Korea Credible

North Korea Escape Story: These are actually the ones we know from the citizens who have fled the country. We know the real situation in North Korea from their direct experience. We understand that the reports from the North Korean media or the statements made by high-ranking state officials are nothing but propaganda.

But how do we understand the factual information provided by the fugitives or defectors from North Korea? Do we have a way to know that? It is often seen that it is not possible to verify the truth of all their words. Because these are very time-consuming and expensive things. So it is seen that they have to rely on word of mouth. Their statements are even used at the state level or in the formulation of UN policy on North Korea.

But in the same way that North Korea is propagating against America or South Korea, can’t these two countries be propagandizing against North Korea? In fact, this is exactly what is happening. Neither the United States nor South Korea has carried out less propaganda against North Korea. Defectors fleeing North Korea are used as political tools in these activities. In exchange for their privileges and money, the United States and South Korea continue to campaign against North Korea.

In 2017, South Korea quadrupled its funding for defaulters. Again, these defectors also try to exaggerate their experiences. The matter will be clear only after seeing the examples of a few such people.

North Korean refugee story – north Korean stories of escape

Shin Dong-Hyuk was one of the star defectors among the fugitives from North Korea. He became a star after his bestselling book Escape from Camp 14 was published. In the book, he claims to have escaped from North Korea’s most horrific prison. He was thought to be the first person to escape the full security zone.

He was born in this prison camp. The camp was thought to be similar to the concentration camps of Mao Zedong or Stalin. Her uncle tried to escape from North Korea, but the whole family was imprisoned. At the age of 13, he found out that his mother and brother were planning to escape from prison. He informed the authorities. Then his mother and brother were sentenced to death.

At one point, he escaped by walking over another man who had fallen on a barbed wire. He then fled to South Korea via China. He also met with US President George W. Bush. His testimony was taken in the UN investigation against North Korea.

But in October 2014, North Korea released a documentary about Shin. There in the video, his father is seen saying that all the information given by Shin is false. Shin Dong-Hyuk was not actually at Camp 14. His mother and brother were convicted of murder, which led to their being punished under North Korean law. The documentary states that the defectors who fled North Korea were in fact accused of various crimes. Based on their words, the United States and the United Nations formulate their policies on North Korea; Anger is expressed over it.

Shin Dong-hyuk claims he was tortured in prison and had his right arm amputated. But in the documentary, one of his coal-mining colleagues said that it was due to an accident while working in the mine. Shin is accused of stealing colleagues’ daily necessities. A 13-year-old girl was even accused of rape.

Although it is not possible to verify whether all the information given in the documentary against Shin is true, it is clear that he gave false information about his past life. You can recognize another North Korean defector by looking at his father. He said that they were not in Camp-14 but in Camp-18 prison camp. Camp-18 was run by the police force. There was no separate force here. His mother and brother were sentenced to death for murder.

Many defectors have been distrusting Shin’s story since the beginning. It was later learned that the man he was talking about was trapped in a barbed-wire fence, but he died in a mining accident. Doubts were also raised as to whether Shin had escaped from the camp at all. He may have been released from the camp. He later fled the country and created such a story.

After the documentary was released, he went into hiding. He said through the author of his book, several parts of his story are changed. He admitted to giving false information.

north korean refugee story – North Korea Credible

Another star defector from North Korea is Yoonmi Park. He has a YouTube channel where he publishes various information about the horrors of North Korea. As a human rights activist, he regularly gives interviews in the international media. He was also featured in Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson’s podcast. He also authored a book, In Order to Live, about the life and escape of North Koreans. But the allegations against him, he said, were exaggerated a lot. There are even similarities between the information given at different times about his past life.

He fled North Korea in 2007 with his mother. He claims in his books and various interviews that he spent his childhood in poverty. But an archive of a South Korean TV show, Now on My Way to Meet You, shows many pictures of his family, using expensive clothes and handbags imported from abroad. It would not have been possible for them to live in North Korea if they were not from wealthy families.

He claims that when he was nine years old, the mother of his closest friend was publicly executed at a stadium in the North Korean city of Haisan by North Korean law enforcement. But according to information provided by other defectors fleeing the city of Heisman, public executions were carried out outside the city, mostly at airports. But executions were never carried out in stadiums or on the streets. When he was nine years old, it was 2002. But no one can remember the execution in public after 2000. The last thing they can think of is that in 1999, 10-11 people were publicly executed together.

He even gave information about the cause of death from time to time. Ever said he was punished for watching a James Bond movie in Hollywood; Ever said, he was because of watching South Korean dramas. But other defenders have suggested that Hansen may have been sentenced to three to seven years in prison for watching a drama or Hollywood movie at the time, but the death penalty is not true.

Her father was a member of the Workers’ Party. He was in the smuggling business. He was imprisoned in 2003. But there is a difference of opinion between the mother and daughter regarding the number of years of imprisonment. Park said his father was sentenced to 17 to 18 years in prison. But his mother said he was initially sentenced to one year in prison. Later it was taken away in 10 years.

Park’s mother was also involved in the illicit business and had to face interrogation at various times. He was also sentenced to six months in prison. Park said he and his sister had to go without food at that time. But her mother told a South Korean TV show that they did not have to be in such a bad situation. They never ate. Park, however, claimed that due to his weakness in English, he could not understand the journalists properly many times. It was not possible for him to verify everything from the journalists.

Not just Park or Shine, there are allegations against more defectors. In 2004, another defender, Lee Sun-Ok, made a statement to the US Congress about a political prisoner in North Korea. He claims that Christian prisoners in that prison were killed by being left in hot molten iron. But Lee’s testimony was challenged by Chang Yin-sook, then head of the North Korean Defectors’ Association in Seoul. He said Lee had never been a political prisoner. Other former North Koreans also agreed that Li’s statement was unlikely to be true.

North Korean Refugee Story: Similarly, in 2004, another defender of the US Congress, Cuen Huck, said he had been working as an intelligence officer at the North Korean embassy in Beijing. He has seen North Korea conduct various studies on political prisoners. He spoke in support of the US Alliance but said that maintaining some independence was important for North Korea. He reappeared in a BBC documentary that year. At the time, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency questioned whether he had permission to obtain classified information. A few years later, Kuon went public.

It is true that there is an extreme violation of human rights among the citizens of North Korea. But at the same time, it is true that they exaggerated a lot. There are questions only about whether their statements are considered reliable evidence.

Then why do they give the wrong information? Behind it are business, propaganda, and the pursuit of political ends. Remuneration for interviewing North Korean refugees has been practiced for many years. In the late nineties, it was 30 an hour. These were usually given for their travel and food expenses.

In 2014, their salary was 200 US dollars per hour. Their remuneration can be up to 50– 500 considering the importance of the information. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. The more different, painful, or emotional the story of the defenders, the higher their fees will be.

Defectors also know what information their questioners want to hear. When talking to the UN, Congress, or the Western media, they have to face the question of something in common. Why did they leave North Korea? How much struggle is life there? The number of touching, emotional and dramatic stories of young defectors fleeing since 2010 have increased.

To tell more stories that are in demand by the media. Many defectors are pressured to tell exaggerated stories. The Korean show Now on My Way to Meet You aired four episodes a month. Two episodes were shot every day. Defenders were paid 2,000. They would tell stories for money or under the pressure of the producers of the show, like the script given to them. They gave a lot of information about North Korea, which was not true. Other defenders were furious with these.

North Korea Credible

Many organizations sponsor defectors to promote anti-North Korean sentiment. Iommi Park is sponsored by South Korea’s right-wing organization Freedom Factory and another American NGO, Atlas Network, to tell her story in public. There are allegations against these organizations that they are using defectors to achieve their political goals. Defendants allege that South Korea and the United States while talking about the human rights situation in North Korea, are spreading hatred in the public mind about the country.

There are also allegations against the South Korean intelligence agency NSI for abducting North Korean nationals. According to the rules, the NSI interrogates the defendants from South Korean territory for one week to one month to verify their identities. But in some cases, it can be up to six months. Usually, those who stay for more than three months are used as spies to retrieve information about North Korea. They were tortured in solitary confinement and taken to a state where they obeyed the orders of the detectives.

In 2016, the NSI brought 12 North Korean girls working in a restaurant in China to South Korea through the manager of that restaurant. It caused a storm of controversy. According to the South Korean side, the 12 came to South Korea voluntarily. South Korea uses the abducted defaulters as spies. In fact, one-sided North Korea is not the only villain. Here the defaulters and the South Korean and Western media are all taking advantage in their own way.

There is no doubt that North Korea is violating human rights. But the way defectors are going to tell exaggerated stories under the influence of fame, money, or pressure will also raise the question of believing the statements of those who have actually been tortured. In order to tell the story of their struggle, they intentionally cover up many incidents and in some cases give false information. So it would be a mistake to take any position against North Korea based solely on their statements.

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