No hint of a cataclysm! The lightning shook the statue of Jesus, what happened next, you will be shocked

Rio de Janeiro: This is an unearthly scene No one can believe that such an event can happen in the world A similar incident happened in Brazil Lightning recently struck one of the Seventh Wonders of the World, the Jesus Christ statue in Rio-de-Janeiro.

And that picture was caught in the camera of a photographer And that picture has made waves on social media recently Everyone is saying that even after the lightning, the statue was not damaged at all, it is God’s Leela

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The picture was taken by a photographer named Fernando Berga He shared this picture on Instagram and wrote, ‘Holy lightning.’ Today is Friday.’ This photo was taken on February 10th at 7 pm

For this he used Nikon D800, the lens was 70-200 mm But beyond the detailed technical information of the cinematographer, ordinary people are finding a taste of the miracle in it

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