Nitin Gadkari On EV: Electric And Petrol Car Prices Will Be Equal In 2 Years

Nitin Gadkari On EV: Electric cars – two-wheelers are not the future. This is the current technology. Within the next two years, the prices of electric vehicles and petrol vehicles will be equal. Union Roads and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari made such a claim in the Lok Sabha.

A question was raised in the Lok Sabha on the demand for grants for the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for the year 2022-23. He said this in response.

Nitin Gadkari On EV

Gadkari said the price of lithium-ion batteries is falling rapidly. We are manufacturing zinc-ion, aluminum-ion, and sodium-ion batteries. Electric scooters, cars, and autorickshaws will be priced at par with petrol-powered scooters, cars, and autorickshaws within a maximum of two years.

He said that it would be wrong to think that only pollution will be reduced as a result. Moreover, the cost of running an electric car is also less compared to petrol. He claimed that electric car-scooters will run on the same road with a charge of 10 rupees, whereas petrol cars have to fill up 100 rupees.

But not only electric. In addition to that, the Union Minister also called for the adoption of hydrogen technology. He said that it is possible to produce green hydrogen from sewage and drain water. Gadkari requested the MPs to take initiatives in their respective areas.

A pilot project on hydrogen vehicles has already started in the country. Toyota Kiloscor Motor has installed this engine in the Toyota Mirai. He said that driving a car on hydrogen fuel will cost less than 1 rupee per kilometer.

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