Nine planets remedies: If there is turmoil in life, try this remedy, malefic planets will also give good results

In astrology, it is believed that 9 planets influence our life the most and all good and bad events in life are caused by these 9 planets. In such a situation, if some planets in your lagna kundli are not well placed and you are troubled by the malefic effects of the planets, then you can try some of the remedies given in Lal Kitab. In fact, Lal Kitab is a book of remedies to remove problems in life. If these remedies are done with full devotion and discipline, all the problems of life can be removed. You can try these remedies given in Red Book.

Try this remedy if the Moon is weak

If Moon is in malefic position in your horoscope, Lord Shiva should be worshiped on Monday. Besides, cow’s milk should be offered to Shivlinga. Mother’s feet should be touched every day. By doing this, auspicious results related to Moon will start coming in Kundali.

Do these remedies for Mars and Mercury

If Mars is weak in Kundali then donate Musur dal every Tuesday and do Puja of Shri Hanuman. Wear red on Tuesday. Apart from this, always keeping a red handkerchief in your pocket will also reduce the side effects of Mars. On the other hand, to get good results related to Mercury, one should donate a green saree and bangles to Koi and Brihannala on Wednesday. Worshiping Lord Shri Ganesha on Wednesday also gives auspicious results.

This will please Guru, Shukra and Shani

If Jupiter is weak, do puja of banana tree every Thursday. Offer turmeric, turmeric sweet and banana to the Brahmin. Besides, religious books can also be donated. On the other hand, donate rice, sugar and milk to the needy every Friday to get good results from Venus. Feed little girls milk. Donate cosmetics to a married woman. Medicines should be served to patients to please Shani Dev. Mustard oil should be offered to Lord Shani.

Watering the rising sun

Sun is called the king of the solar system. Offer water to the rising sun every morning to get auspicious results related to the sun. Donate wheat. If you are restless due to Rahu, sleep with a copper pot filled with water near your pillow and in the morning, while sitting, pour the water on the base of a thorn tree. Donate a black cow to get auspicious results from Ketu. If you are unable to do this, feed black cows. Feed the black cow daily. It can reduce the malefic effects of Ketu.

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