Nelson Mandela International Day: Tribute To The Undefeated Great Man On World Nelson Day

Nelson Mandela International Day: Every year on this day ‘Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated all over the world. It was in 2009 that the United Nations first declared July 18 as Nelson Mandela Day. It has been going on ever since. It was thought to dedicate a day in his name to pay tribute to such an amazing and exceptional inspirational man.

Nelson Mandela International Day

Nelson Mandela International Day

Nelson Mandela’s fight against apartheid has gone down in world history and has reached the level of legend. He was the first president of South Africa. 1994 to 1999 – During this period, Nelson Mandela ushered in a wave of new days in backward South Africa.

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Mandela was the country’s first black president. And he became the first elected president in a fully democratic state.

His whole life is inspirational. Mandela himself wanted everyone to take responsibility, everyone to make a better world, and everyone to make a difference around him. Only then will a new free and beautiful country be built. Where everyone can live a free and beautiful private life without discrimination.

He received more than 250 awards throughout his life, including the Nobel Prize.

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