Modi Cannot Be Removed By Leading The Congress

Modi cannot be removed by leading the Congress: The Congress was formed to build a larger platform to intensify the independence movement. Not just to run a familial government. Unfortunately for us, that same emotion was hijacked by a family after independence. This is the true meaning of burning up bad psychic imprints. I am saying without disrespecting anyone, Rajiv Gandhi’s government was the result of Nehru’s passing Indira. Many front-line leaders of Congress did not even notice that day.

Modi cannot be removed by leading the Congress

Even today that tradition flows equally. And a strange alliance called UPA was formed after 56 years of independence to run a coalition government of different parties. Not for the sake of the movement, the alliance was formed after the results of the 2004 general election. The alliance would not have been possible if Sania had faced that day. That is why the inner soul of the family gave the prime ministerial post to Ajatashatru Manmohan. Behind the scenes, however, all control was in his hands. It was during the tenure of the government that its disintegration started due to a conflict of interest.

Modi cannot be removed by leading the Congress

Today, 17 years after the formation of the UPA, the context of national politics has changed radically. That is why, according to Congress, the UPA is in dire need today. Today, no other regional party is willing to take refuge under the umbrella of the anti-movement Congress. Except for a few left-wing parties that have succumbed to the crisis. However, the CPME withdrew its support in 2008 to oust the UPA government. And what a joke of fate, today they are mocking Mamata Banerjee, the leader says ‘UPA is no more. It is becoming increasingly clear that the weaker Congress and the left-wing left are complementary today.

But why this sad state of the country’s oldest political power today? The only answer is lack of leadership. Even the Prime Minister’s son cannot always sit in the top seat in a power struggle. Gavaskar’s son Gavaskar did not. Even if the property is inherited, the legacy of merit, leadership, and tireless protest on the streets does not flow through the blood. That has to be achieved by fighting. This is true in all spheres of life, be it politics, business, or sports. When a millionaire businessman dies, his son easily owns huge assets, but there is no guarantee that the business will continue to flourish. Eligibility never matches the inheritance formula.

Everyone has to achieve that on their own. Going down the street, you have to understand the enemy’s reckoning. And that is where the Congress party is losing. The people of the country do not see a trace of the personality and leadership of father Rajiv Gandhi or grandma Indira in Rahul Gandhi. In the Maedi era, one undemocratic blow after another has hit the back of the common man against the wall. There is no work, the price rise is skyrocketing, step by step division on it in the name of Hinduism. People’s lives are in turmoil due to the endless bulldozers of the whimsical leader named Modi.

People are sighing, but they do not dare to protest because there is no acceptable alternative. Even in the peasant-dominated Punjab, the party is falling apart today. Whose shortsightedness is it?

In fact, to be the leader of the country is hungry. The hunger to be a leader, the hunger to move forward and of course the determination to eliminate the enemy. At the same time, he swore to intensify the movement by ignoring the bloody eyes of the ruler. Narendra Modi is still running the country with that hunger. But tell me with your hand on your chest that you see that urging somewhere in the Congress leadership before the important Uttar Pradesh elections?

How many times has Rahul Gandhi been seen fleeing from Lucknow to Varanasi in the last 6 months? Rajiv’s son has come to Kabar in West Bengal. Yes, Priyanka is touring Uttar Pradesh, but Ahamri is nothing. AkhileshNor does the state legislature agree to tie the knot with the Congress leadership. On the contrary, Mulayam’s son considers Mamata as the leader. Says Congress will get zero. Why? They sank in alliance with Sania’s team in 2016, that bitter experience is still haunting Akhilesh. So that leaky boat is no more!

And this is where the question arises, even if there is no qualification, why is Khamake drawn as a leader? One thing has become very clear, the century-old party called the Congress has no movement without a family. No matter how many letters 23 educated leaders in the party write, hide their anger in secret After the meeting of the working committee, the sick stopgap president will say that this time the election will be held in a democratic process.

But even after months, that day will not come. Again, the sick Sania and her two illegitimate children are the ones who will put everyone to sleep for six months with a future mortgage on the team. Will wait when the wind blows in the sails of opposition politics. Then you have to jump and be the leader again! Who knows, the opportunity to become the Prime Minister may come in the gap. That is why the only duty of the Nehru-Gandhi family now is to break the hibernation and relax a little.

But the regional parties are no longer willing to give that opportunity. In the last seven days, national politics has taken a few steps forward. Mamata Banerjee’s visit to Mumbai and the results of Tripura’s Purveet show that people are looking for alternatives to the BJP and Narendra Modi, but are not getting them. Congress is unable to carry the spirit of the anti-Maedi alliance at the moment. What will happen then? In the name of Allah, everyone will break the war? Nor will it move forward without Congress.

If the fruit of the vat comes out then it will be seen how much the breath of the car is. Many are angry that Mamata Banerjee has nothing to say about UPA. But my question is, in the last two years, when the opposition has been constantly cornered, how many meetings have the air leadership called the Congress High Command held with its allies? How many times have they searched for the good and the bad? There is no meeting of the party, there is no protest of the leaders, it is the meeting of the UPA again! There are many important states in the next year.

How many meetings have been held in the party or in the UPA on the VAT strategy of those states? History has it that the UPA was not formed before the VAT. In the 2004 general election unexpectedly, the UPA was born when Congress saw an opportunity to form a government. The Congress service won 145 seats. In other words, in order to form a government, the support of at least 128 more members was needed from outside.

The task was not easy at all. Manmohan Singh was sworn in on May 22, the week after the formation of the UPA. The path of UPA started with the leftists on their shoulders. But in 2006, those leftists broke the UPA with strange tears in their eyes.

However, the breakup of the alliance began with the withdrawal of TRS support within two years of coming to power. After leaving UPA, Vicor MDMK. And in 2008 the CPM and the Left left the alliance. In that journey, two people saved the government from the crisis.

Mulayam Singh Yadav and the late Somnath Chatterjee. The CPI (M) Harmad faction expelled Somnath Babu on the same day for being the savior of the UPA. Somnath Babu died with that grief in his chest. And today the control of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s party is in the hands of his son Akhilesh. Mulayam-Putra is not willing to form an alliance in Uttar Pradesh even though the Congress, including Priyanka Gandhi, wants leadership. What is the reason?

According to Akhilesh Yadav’s advisers, fighting with Rahul and Priyanka at the moment is a loss to the opposition in Uttar Pradesh. Priyanka’s proposal has been turned down by the state legislature. In fact, one regional power after another understands from their experience that going with Congress means defeat. Why is Kejriwal’s up in Punjab so eager to fight alone rather than join hands with the century-old party? Why the alliance was formed in the government of Maharashtra, even though the veteran Sharad Pawar Rahul-Priyanka did Not Answer a single sentence in support. And let alone West Bengal.

Who doesn’t know that fighting in alliance with the Congress in the state means putting one’s own political base in further crisis?

The CPM and the Left are now in a dilemma. So, knowing everything, the team is drowning in mud again and again.

But in the opinion of Narendra Maedi, the country is looking for a street fighter to fight in the face of a strong hardworking leader. And at this moment, who is the ideal face for this fight than Mamata Banerjee. So Mumbai, Gaia wherever he goes, goes with the wind, with the determination of an indomitable fight. Many of Mumbai’s eloquent scholars also have to appear before him and say that the country has confidence in you. If you can, you will be able to stop this ruthless killing of democracy at any moment. This trust and confidence have to be achieved.

Does not match in lineage or any divine blessing. Mamata got it. The faith was lost when he left the battlefield and fled to Italy from time to time to visit Dida. Never come back. Knowing that she is seriously ill, keeping Sania Gandhi as the president at this difficult time only means that here the family is first, then the party and the country. Is it possible for a party that has all the family to be the face of the anti-Maedi alliance? So all the regional teams have to be one. Then when the result of VAT comes out, it will be decided who will lead. Otherwise, Pachasamu will be cut off, the profit will be nothing.

Modi Cannot Be Removed By Leading The Congress


Who is the personal assistant of Mamata Banerjee?

Gautam Sanyal

What is the salary of the chief minister of West Bengal?

₹117,000 (US$1,600) (+Salary received as MLA).

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