Missing someone you know? The app will find, created by Kolkata Police

With the help of artificial intelligence app, it is now possible to find the location of the missing person. Apart from the police, ordinary citizens can also use this app. State Police DG Manoj Malvya recently launched this app developed by IT Cell of Kolkata Police. This app will work according to the special ‘face recognition system’. This app is capable of finding similarities between the faces of two different people in real time.

This special app named ‘Khoa Paya’ will work in two ways, it was informed at the app opening ceremony of Kolkata Police. It is said that there will be a department for police investigation. The other section can be used by the citizens for their own needs. After uploading all the information including pictures of the missing person in this section, the website will show the similar pictures immediately.

However, at the same time, the police also warned about wrong pictures. Similarities are said to exist in the image shown, although there may be some errors. As multiple images are being shown, not all may be correct. If the image is distorted, the risk of such incidents is high. Once all the pictures of the missing and dead are uploaded, that fear will be greatly reduced. Although the app was originally developed by West Bengal Police, Kolkata Police and CID also assisted in this work. There is also another problem in the app. That is, no images of minors can be uploaded to the app. In this case, they have to rely on old methods to find someone missing.

Bengal DGP Manoj Malvya said that sometimes even if the body is lying in the morgue for several days, no one can identify it correctly. It is taking a long time to finally reach the family of the deceased. It takes five to 10 days to identify many bodies. By developing this app with the help of cyber cell, it will be convenient to upload the information of missing and dead persons to the app. The internal software of the app will work. It will be convenient to find the missing relatives.

ADG Sanjay Singh said that only after registering on the app with the OTP, he can be traced with the details of the missing relative. ADG West Zone Sanjay Singh was actively involved during the development of the app.

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