Miracle! Even after 80 hours, the dog rescued the 6-year-old child from the rubble

Turkey: 80 hours have passed after Monday’s terrible earthquake! Little by little the chances of anyone being rescued alive from under the rubble are fading. But in this miracle! Only six-year-old Noreen was rescued. And those whose names are written in gold letters behind Noreen’s rescue are Romeo and Julie.

After the earthquake in Turkey, India sent several teams of NDRF personnel to that country. And 6 dogs have joined this group. Names–Romeo, Julie, Rambo, Honey, Bob and Roxy. The rescue team has been working tirelessly to find survivors in the affected areas of Turkey.

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The result of that hard work was seen on Friday. For these days, the Romeos were searching for life under the concrete rubble. On this day, Julie began to feel restless when she went to a rubble in the city of Gaziantep. He informed his handler that too. Later, Romeo was brought to the ruins to investigate. He gives the same signal. It was then that the rescuers were sure that there was still a trace of a living being under the rubble.

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Concrete piles are removed one by one by bringing machines. The bodies of 6 full-fledged people came out one by one. There was 6-year-old Noreen with the dead bodies. At first the rescuers thought that the child might not be alive either. But he opened his eyes when the rescuers picked him up. He was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.

NDRF team DG Atul Karwal said 6-year-old Labrador Julie was responsible for rescuing 6-year-old Naureen. Otherwise such a miraculous rescue 80 hours after the earthquake would probably not have been possible. However, he said that all the members of Naureen’s family died in the earthquake.

Last Monday, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the border area between Turkey and Syria. Experts believe that this is the biggest earthquake in the current decade. About 17,000 people have already died in this disaster.

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