Militant attack on Pak police station after Peshawar incident, gun battle throughout the night

Not even 48 hours have passed since the suicide attack on the mosque in Peshawar. Militants attacked a police station in Pakistan again. The gun battle continued for a long time around the police station. In the end, the militants retreated due to the repulse of the Pakistani police. The incident took place on Tuesday night at a police station in Mianwali district of Punjab province. According to the sources, several militants were injured in the gunfight with the Pakistani police. However, the number of injured militants was not known until this news was published. Punjab Police Inspector General (IG) Osman Anwar said that the attack was carried out by militants with a plan to capture the police station. The police foiled their plan with infinite courage. As soon as the news of the attack on the police station was received, a large force was sent there. Pak Rangers have started a combing search in the area to find the whereabouts of the militants. Apart from this, the security of other police stations in the district has also been increased.

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According to Pakistani police sources, a group of 25-30 terrorists suddenly surrounded the police station late on Tuesday night. They started shooting randomly at the police station. Then the police personnel and officials of the police station opened fire. Punjab Police In the words of IG Osman Anwar, “At that time, police personnel and officers stood guarding the door to protect the police station. They took positions in different places within the police station. The nearby police barracks were also informed.” However, the gunfight continued for a long time before additional police forces reached the spot, said the IG of Punjab province.

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