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Mercury Has Changed Its Place In The Zodiac: At the beginning of August, the auspicious yoga starts for the people of the five zodiac signs. On the first day of this month, Mercury begins to move. On August 1st at 3:45 am, the ruler of the planet Mercury entered Leo from Cancer. The effect of this planetary change is going to fall on the natives of the five zodiac signs. Incidentally, Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence, logic, cleverness, commerce, and friendship (Budh Gochar 2022).

Mercury Has Changed Its Place

Mercury Has Changed Its Place In The Zodiac


The transit of Mercury in Leo will help to increase the respect of the people of this sign in society. Hard work will be appreciated at work. Happiness will come to the family. You will get a chance to spend a good time with your family. Many unfinished tasks will also be completed and money problems will be solved.


The transit of Mercury will give special support to the natives of this sign. The natives will get financial help from their parents. Those who are appearing for competitive exams, their chances of success will also increase. The natives of this zodiac sign are going to have good fortunes like happiness, a job, and an increase in wealth. With the help of officials, they will stay at the top of their workplace.


The transit of Mercury will be very auspicious for the natives of this sign. Will get wealth from parents. Happiness will come in married life. New opportunities will also come in terms of jobs and business and there is a good possibility of earning money in various fields. Employees will get higher positions with the help of their officers.


For the natives of this sign, the transit of Mercury will increase confidence as well as focus on religious work. Virgo natives are also likely to go abroad at this time. Those who are trying to have children will get good news. You will also get support from your wife. However, emotional anger will increase due to various reasons during this time.


Mercury’s transit will increase their respect, they will meet new identities in society and life. With the help of seniors, they will reach the pinnacle of height. Good luck and blessings are going to come to the family. Will get financial support from my father. Economic conditions will be stronger and business may pick up suddenly. Characteristic changes may occur.

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