Meeting Death! Hidden In The Lake Of Death Under The Sea, No Fear!

Meeting Death: Scientists have discovered a deadly pool under the sea. Saline lakes contain salt in a higher concentration than the normal level in the ocean.

Meeting Death! Hidden In The Lake Of Death Under The Sea

Recently, a group of scientists from Miami University (Miami University) discovered a deadly pool under the Red Sea.

Meeting Death! Hidden In The Lake Of Death Under The Sea

This pool is capable of instantly killing anything that floats by. According to the study, the scientists discovered the brine pool by going 1.7 km below the surface using an underwater vehicle.

The team of scientists crossed the pool for just five minutes during a ten-hour study.

The researchers explained that a brine pool is a highly concentrated part of the seafloor full of salt and other chemicals that is relatively saltier than the seawater immediately adjacent to it.

According to scientists, its concentrated state is capable of killing any animal.

Lead researcher Sam Purkis of Live Science said that ‘the pool is one of the most extreme environments on Earth, and that ‘if any animal tried to cross the pool, its condensing conditions would kill it instantly.

Perkis also said shrimp and eels use this salty part of the ocean to hunt fish. They trick the victim into its confines, after which the unfortunate creature dies once it falls into the pool.

The most surprising thing researchers claim is that the discovery of such pools will help them learn about how the first oceans formed on our planet.

They also reported that brine pools are home to a large number of microbes and are rich in biodiversity.

This discovery will essentially help us to know whether or not any organisms can survive on alien planets under similar adverse conditions.

Scientist Perkis stated ‘Until we can determine the end of life on Earth, it will be difficult to determine whether any such life exists on our alien planets’.

On the other hand, according to the New York Post, this is not the first brine pool discovered by scientists.

Over the past 30 years, oceanographers have discovered dozens of such deadly pools in the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. But this time it is a matter of seeing whether it is possible to get any new information!

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