Mass graves are cut in the forest! Turkey-Syria laments, the death toll is increasing

Gaziantep: Thousands of people died So space is not being compressed in the burial place Pine forests outside the city are being cleared for mass graves. Such a heartbreaking picture is now in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey.

Terrible earthquake Turkey And 34,000 people have already died in Syria A week after the earthquake, bodies are still being recovered from the rubble So clearing the forest and digging graves with the help of machines is going on

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On Sunday, 5,000 bodies were buried together in Maraserbeba, Turkey Arrangements have been made to accommodate the family members of the deceased by pitching a tent near the burial site The families and relatives of the deceased are facing trouble to find their loved ones among the rows of dead bodies The administration has also arranged for customary prayers and religious rituals to be performed before the burial On the other hand, the hearse is reaching the grave site with new dead bodies every few minutes Along with it, the work of digging the soil with the help of machines is going on So that more bodies can be accommodated

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This earthquake in Turkey, Syria is claimed to be the worst in the region in the last hundred years Severe cold has increased the problem of people who have lost everything Thousands of homeless people have to spend their days with bone-chilling cold and hunger in their stomachs under the open sky.

The Turkish city of Gaziantep, near the Syrian border, shook for the first time in the early hours of Monday morning. The magnitude of the tremor was 7.8 on the Richter scale 9 hours later, a second strong tremor was felt in the area The second tremor had a magnitude of 7.6 Rescue operations are still ongoing in both countries As a result, the death toll is likely to increase

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