Mamata Banerjee Reacts To SSC Scam: ‘I Am Not Saying Everyone Is A Saint’, Mamata Said Without Naming Names

Mamata Banerjee Reacts To SSC Scam: Partha did not mention Chatterjee’s name even once. However, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee completely shrugged off the responsibility in the School Service Commission (SSC) corruption case. While maintaining the position of Trinamool Congress, Mamata said, if it is proved in court, then someone should be sentenced to life. No objection to that.

Mamata Banerjee Reacts To SSC Scam

Mamata Banerjee Reacts To SSC Scam

Mamata expressed ‘regret’ on the Bengal honors stage on Monday and said, ‘I did not do politics for enjoyment. I have been involved in politics since childhood because I had an idea that politics means sacrifice, service to the country, and love for people. I got this (education) from my father and mother.

Partha Chatterjee Reportedly Dials Mamata Banerjee

I also got it from the teachers. But tell me, are all students the same at school? If those who came, did they come wearing some kind of clothes? There will be a difference.’ He also said, ‘I do not support injustice, do not misunderstand. Supporting corruption is not my life’s addiction, nor my profession. I am really sad, shocked, saddened by the behavior of some political parties today.’

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