LTTE chief Prabhakaran survived? The Tamil leader made serious demands, the country is in turmoil

Tamil Nadu: Suddenly the LTTE terror is back in South India Because on Monday, Tamil political leader Pahja Nedumran claimed that LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran is still alive and well and will be seen in public soon. Note that in 2009, the then Sri Lankan government announced Prabhakaran’s death This leader suddenly created a controversy by making this comment

The full name of LTTE is Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Prabhakaran had long waged a guerrilla war for the Tamil region in Sri Lanka Apart from this, Prabhakaran’s name has repeatedly come up as the main accused in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991

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He is the head of the World Tamil Confederation Tamil NaduThe leader also claimed that very soon Prabhakaran will come out and announce what he has planned for the liberation of the Tamil nation.

Nedumran claimed in the media, “I am very happy to announce a good news about Prabhakaran, the national leader of the Tamils. I am happy to announce to the common Tamil people spread all over the world that he is well I think this news will put to rest all the speculations that have been spread at will, according to the rules.”

Prabhakaran was born on 26 November 1954 Prabhakaran was the youngest son of Vardhishnu family In 2009 Sri LankaPrabhakaran passed away as announced by the government Before that, since 1983, for 28 consecutive years, the peace of the island nation has been disturbed by these Tamil rebels.

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